Vong War Annals – “Battle of Aten-Re (AF Commandos): Quiet Bastard” 10.23.2009

            Down in the bowels of the Illuminator, Slate Bridger leaned his head back against a bulkhead, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of a ship in combat.  His rifle rested against his thigh, one gloved hand wrapped around the upper half of its barrel.  He took a deep, almost meditative breath and exhaled it slowly.
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Vong War Annals – “Wishes” 5.22.08

            Thunder rumbled in the distance, sun rising like blood in the sky.  The rain would come soon, the ache in her knee told her that.  She stood by the window and watched quietly as Chase and Slate set off on a morning jog, heedless or uncaring of the coming storm, putting feet to pavement.
            Arms slid around her waist from behind and she sighed quietly, smiling up over her shoulder at her husband.  “Admiring the view?”

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Vong War Annals – “Letters to Atad” 5.21.08

Dear Les,

            Been boring since you left, really, except for Uncle Mike coming home, finally, and Davil having a meltdown that sent more than a couple ripples through the Force.  I graduated last week-wish you hadn’t missed it.  It’s okay, though.  Mac wasn’t there, either.  If my own brother can miss my graduation from med school, I guess it’s okay that my best friend wasn’t here, either.  You had your reasons.  Hope your folks are okay.
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