Aurora Force Quick and Dirty, 03.05.2011

AF Quick’n’Dirty (or, this is what we’ve all forgotten)

            It’s been twenty-five years since the death of the original Death Star at Yavin IV.  The Aurora Force has spent the better part of the last two decades operating in the Kartuiin Sector, Rimside.  The new Republic is still scrambling to respond to the new, looming thread in the galaxy posed by the Yuuzhan Vong, who have already attacked Helska, Sernpidal, Dubrillion, Garqi, and Dantooine.  Within the Kartuiin Sector and its immediate environs, Xenen has already been attacked once, a feint designed to test military forces in the Kartuiin Sector.  Though the day ended with the Vong leaving the system, New Republic forces—and their allies, the Golgan Defense Forces under the command of former Aurora Force XO, General Carlos Delong—learned from the Vong attack that they were wholly unprepared for what they faced.  Since then, GDF installations have suffered attack as well and word has reached the Aurora Force that one of the Vong commanders is none other than former Aurora Force flag officer Alexander Kerensky, now become the Vong commander known as Deimos.  The fighting forces of the New Republic in the Kartuiin Sector, through engagements with the Vong, has been cut by roughly 70% in the past four months.  Commanding officer of New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector, Admiral Indiana Bridger, in the wake of the resignation of her former XO, Kirghy Lommax, has selected a new executive officer, General Janet Skyy Wyler, lately returned to New Republic service.  Admiral Bridger has put out a call to all former members of the Aurora Force, inviting them to return to their commissions and benefits for the duration.  Most have not answered the call.
            The sector and its allies are in dire straits.  Planetary defenses throughout the sector cannot withstand sustained attack and the fleet is spread dangerously thin.  Worse yet, the enemy has intimate knowledge of the commanders he faces.  The Republic forces, however, are aware of Kerensky’s transformation into Deimos.  His oldest child, his daughter Natasha Kerensky, has escaped her father’s shadow and fled to the only people who may be able to help her: the men and women of the Aurora Force.  The teenager holds the key to taking down Deimos and weakening the Vong operating in the Kartuiin Sector, which the New Republic increasingly views as expendable.
            Forces are in motion at Golgan III, where Carlos Delong has prepared some nasty surprises for the Vong invaders in the Aten-Re system.  With Aurora Force commando and starfighter support, GDF naval forces have engaged the Vong at the important Aten-Re waypoint.
            Meanwhile, New Republic forces including Guardian patriarch Robert Delong and his wife Talia as well as the New Republic Sixth Fleet under VA Michael Bullian are on their way to Ithor to blockade the system against an impending Vong invasion of the peaceful world.
            The fate of trade agreements, such as treaties between the Republic-held Kartuiin Sector and the independent Namis system, remain unknown.  The impending Vong threat has strengthened ties between the Sector government and that of the independent Golgan III, however, even as relations between both the Sector and Golgan III and the New Republic become increasingly strained.  The reckoning is coming…

Random notes/kind of important miscellany

  • Existence of the Aurora Force Fourth Fleet no longer officially disavowed; the Hole is now a known element of the Aurora Force’s fleet structure.
  • Tempest Control is now an elite military police and intelligence gathering organization independent from but working with New Republic Intelligence and local authorities.

Reinstated to active service

  • General Janet Skyy, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector XO
  • General Tag Rendar, NRI Sector 27 – Senior agent
  • Commodore Dalsuna Losoda, NRM Forces – Aurora Force Fleet Command Research and Development
  • Commander Robert Drake, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector, Tempest Control CO
  • Colonel Alex Grentarii, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector, Aurora Force
  • Major Howdern Harm, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector, Aurora Force
  • Major Robyn Hoode-Scarlett, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector, 58th Urban Commandos

Recruited to Active Service

  • Captain Marcus Wyler, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector
  • Lieutenant Trystan Chase Kel-Solan, MD, NRM Forces – Kartuiin Sector

 Deaths and Losses

  • Aurora Force Fifth Fleet, no known survivors
  • Jedi Master Jinx Katarn

Current disposition (as near as I can figure) of New Republic/Aurora Force forces in the Kartuiin Sector

  • AFFC Home Guard, Flagship ISD-II Dashan, all in-system at Xenea.  Imladris undergoing major repairs.
  • Second Fleet on escort duty out-system (Blue Rose under General Jeff Sparks on escort to Kartuiin).
  • Third Fleet on patrol duty out-system
  • Sentinels Pickett Group, Flagship Five-Star Legacy in-system at Xenea on maneuvers.  Most ships are at the edge of the system as of this writing.

Story so far (Vong War Annals update)

            The Kartuiin Sector enjoyed relative peace–save for the occasional pirate attack on convoys and minor trade disputes–since the truce with the Imperial Remnant in 19ABY.  Circa 15ABY, Admiral Indiana Bridger had been promoted to commanding officer for all New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector.  The main base for these forces remained at Xenen, despite its distance from the sector capital at Kartuiin.  Tegan Dargan-Cannele was reelected to the governor’s chair in 24ABY after an absence of several years (she stepped down as governor about a year after the liberation of the sector from the Empire).  The sector has enjoyed positive relations with both the New Republic, of which it is a member sector, and with the Imperial Remnant.
            Peace was shattered with the Vong attack at Sernpidal, felt by every Jedi across the sector—and with it came a screamed warning from Ion Qel-Droma that the storm they’d felt the brewing of was finally here.  A force of Yuuzhan Vong launched their attack at Xenen at the same time both Wayfarer station and Shay Memorial suffered a catastrophic loss of long-range communications, a loss orchestrated by a rogue intelligence agent bent on murder and revenge.  The agent was apprehended through the intervention of the former XO of Ice Squadron, Robert Drake, and heralded the return to active service of General Rendar.  The Vong attack was barely replused—this thanks to the fortituous, unexpected return of the Five Star Legacy ahead of schedule (this is, at least, what’s generally believed.  The Vong force did quite a bit of damage before withdrawing.) and the arrival of the AFFC Fourth Fleet (which officially did not exist).   In the meantime, the Golgan system was being hit by Alexander Kerensky and his Vong allies—a fact that would become clear in the coming weeks, when Natasha Kerensky arrived on Xenen to beg the help of her father’s friends in defeating the monster he had become.
            In the wake of these attacks, Aurora Force commanding officer Indiana Bridger sent out a blanket message to all former members of her unit, both still on active duty and retired.  “I know that we all thought that we’d won our war, won our battles, earned our peace. That peace is shattered, now, and it’s time to bring the family back together again.”  She offered full reinstatement for anyone who had retired and promised to attempt to get anyone reassigned back to the Aurora Force who requested it.  Some returned (including Janet Skyy and the believed-dead Al Grentarii).  Some have not (such as Carlos Delong).
            The Vong are still stirring in the Kartuiin Sector, and the worlds and units assigned there have begun to brace for an assault they know is coming, just not from where, or how, or when.  Even amidst the planning and restructuring, there have been celebrations, such as the marriage of Cay Bel Iblis, captain of the Legacy to Eagle Squadron XO Mary Bullian.  The Vong were apparently annoyed at a lack of an invitation to the event, however, destroying General Kosura’s AFFC Fifth Fleet and cutting Aurora Force’s naval power by 65%.  The ships will not be replaced and the Republic is already making sounds about pulling more ships from the Kartuiin Sector, which is rapidly becoming viewed more and more by the Senate on Coruscant as “expendable.”
            It’s less than a month before the Battle of Ithor, and the Aurora Force is at war.

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