Vong War Annals – week of 03.09.2008

  Someone once said that the Force was, “an energy field created by all living things.” It surrounds, it penetrates. It binds the galaxy together. And some, going back deeper and deeper in the annuls of history, believed that the Force had a will of its own.
  Of course, nobody really knows the will of the Force, or if they do they aren’t telling anyone about it. For all that is known, there might be an old man (or woman; the Force does not discriminate based on gender) on a mountaintop somewhere on an uncharted planet who knows precisely what the Force is planning and why it’s doing it. But since nobody knows this man or woman (should they even exist) it really has no bearing on the story. Continue reading

Vong War annals – weeks of 2.24.08-3.3.08

            “How does it look?”
            Robyn sighed, hanging up her jacket on the rack by the door, avoiding her husband’s gaze for a moment.  He’d been waiting for her—she was late getting in.  She shook her head slowly, finally looking at him.  “Our defenses can’t stand up to an assault like the one against Xenen.  They just won’t handle it.”
            William Scarlett, governor of Conceli VIII, winced visibly.  “What can we do about that?”
            She shook her head.  “I don’t know.  Request a detachment of NRM forces, I guess, to keep an eye out for trouble.  Get our evac plans in order.  The military-grade reports that are being disseminated…”
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