Vong War Annals – “No turning back” 3.12.2009

            All the long way to Coruscant, Marcus Leslye Wyler III barely slept. When he closed his eyes, his dreams were filled with darkness and pain, rage and fear. He would awaken trembling and wet with sweat, cursing his former master for leaving him when he needed him most; for not being there at his first and most crucial test that ended with his sister being taken by the Vong; for abandoning him a second time and shattering his hope for guidance and salvation, especially after his brush with the Dark Side; for treating him like an obligation when Les looked up to him as a hero.
            An obligation he could wrap up and turn away from as though he meant nothing to him. Perhaps he didn’t. Foolish were the visions he’d entertained of joining him on quests for justice around the galaxy, the two of them fighting back to back, sabers flashing, beating back the forces of darkness.
            If he didn’t think I was good enough for that, why did he knight me? To be rid of me so he could get on with his life? He didn’t know it, but I saw, at those moments I would slip up in my training and his mood was less guarded and he would come down on me so hard – the resentment burning behind his eyes. 
            Then the anger would rise in him again like tears of grief that just wouldn’t seem to go away.
            I’ll show him. I’m as good as any Jedi – if Jedi’s are good. What do they know anyway? What does Jinx know? 
            He rode on waves of rage until he arrived over the city-planet that was Coruscant. It was then, with the patterning of innumerable lights wrapping around the dark side of the planet and the traffic zipping this way and that like hornets around an enormous nest, that he suddenly felt so very small and very much alone. He had never done anything like this, carried a whim this far, taken the Stormcrow off this far alone. For a moment he stopped and considered what his mother would say about what he was doing; what his father would think about him taking the Stormcrow without permission; of how he would appear in the eyes of his sister, who worshipped him. He almost turned the ship around.
            But he didn’t.


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