Vong War Annals – “Returns (part one)” 3.11.2009

            “General?  Colonel Bridger needs you in ops.”
            Tag straightened, stacking a pile of papers against her knee and depositing them on the corner of the desk as she turned, glancing toward the technician standing in the doorway.  “Right away?”
            “ASAP, ma’am.”
            Tag nodded, flicking stray strands of hair out of her face.  “I’ll be there in two.  Let him know.”
            The technician saluted and disappeared.
            Wonder what’s exploded now.  She scrubbed a hand over her face and stacked up another pile of blank pages, leaving them on the desk before she straightened her jacket and headed out into operations.  Nylan was leaning against a console, a communications headset firmly planted on his head.  He gestured for her to come over, picking up another headset.
            “I think we’ve got two more to add to your list.”
            Huh?  Tag rubbed at her temple, taking the headset.  “What’s up?”
            Nylan gestured to the console.  “Just put your headset on.  More of the family’s come home, so to speak.”
            You’re working overtime, Nylan.  She stared at him as she put on the headset.  “Nylan, get some sleep, would you?  You’re not making any sense.”  Tag slid into the chair at the console, punching a few controls.  As her eyes focused on the screens, she smiled slightly as it slowly started to make sense.  Amanda Lance’s ship.
            “Miss Lance.  Hasn’t been that long, has it?”
            The voice at the other end of the comm laughed weakly.  “Guess not.  Are you the one we’re supposed to talk to about coming back?”
            “Seems so.  Has Wayfarer cleared you to land?”
            “We’re waiting on them to give us clearance, still.”
            Odd.  They should’ve been cleared by now.  I wonder if half the crews up there are still hungover.  “Well, we’ll take care of that down here at our end.  Sit tight for a few minutes more.  You can meet me in ops after you land.”
            “Roger that.  Anything else we should know?”
            Thunder growled outside.  Tag had to smile.  “Other than that we’re buried under a storm front?  Not really.  Stand by, Wayfarer should have your landing pattern sorted out soon enough.”  Tag glanced at the technician seated at the next console for confirmation.  The young man nodded at her and flashed a thumbs up.  Tag nodded back.  “We’ll see you soon, Amanda.”
            “We’re looking forward to it.”  There was an oofing sound in the background.  Tag smiled.
            Troubles in paradise already.  This ought to be good.

~ Erin

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