Vong War Annals – “Situation Normal” (part 2) 1.11.2014

Carrying a small box of files and data discs and a small collection of office supplies, Janet entered her office. She stood there a moment, staring at the usual things that make up an office: a desk, couple of chairs, screens, various electronics, shelves. Though stone-faced, inside she felt overwhelmed. Not that she did not feel up to the job; she had been at this too long for that to be an issue. It was something else, something she could not put her finger on; like the entire galaxy was falling in on not just her but everyone; that this fight they were thrown into was turning out to be the one for the ages – and they may not survive.

And here I am in my little office, hoping to turn all of this back. She felt then as a child facing down a monster from a nightmare, only she was awake and it was real. To be a child again, to be able to run to her father who would chase the terrors of her dreams away and all would be well. But he was gone, long gone, and there was no going back to easier, better times.

That heaviness weighing her heart, it was fear she could not afford to entertain or allow anyone to see. In spite of it she stepped further into the room, set the box on the desk already full of work begging to be completed, and set about unpacking her things.


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