Vong War Annals – “Data run” 5.27.08

            Davil scrubbed the sleep from his eyes as he made his way resolutely toward Wayfarer’s operations hub where he prayed a cup of caf would be waiting for him along with the reports from Jargunda on the upgrades to the array of small ships of the line that would shortly be assigned to a new task force.
            Amazing how quickly things fall apart.  Just when we thought we might be all right…  He rubbed the last lingering sleep from his eyes as he stepped into the operations hub, tugging on the hem of his moderately rumpled jacket which still smelled of flowers from his sister’s wedding the day before.  They didn’t even get one full night’s sleep before…I wonder if that’s what it was like for Mom and Dad?  He winced at himself and cut the line of thought abruptly.

            “Just in time, Lieutenant, Madry just finished compiling the reports for you.”  Admiral Karen Wood practically smacked him in the chest with the datapad, one hand on her hip.  She was in uniform, but her hair was still styled the same way it had been at the reception the previous night and there were dark circles under her eyes.  “There’s caf on in the conference room, but I think that Cay is going to want you to join him shortly.”
            Juggling the datapad, the engineer nodded mutely, taking an extra moment to work up the appropriate response.  “Thanks, Admiral.  Did Madry understand any of what he was compiling?”
            “She, and I didn’t ask.  Come on, let’s get you that caf.  You look like you could use it.”  She gestured for him to follow her down a short metal stairway down half a level.  He was quick to stay with her, following her through a doorway into a short hallway.
            “How are you managing without the stuff?”
            “Hmm?”  As he gestured to her slightly distended belly, she laughed a little.  “The same as I did when I was on the run from the Empire.  It’s difficult, but I manage.  It’s only a couple more months, anyway.”  She pushed open the door to the conference room.  “They’ll been in hangar three when you’re done.  Don’t dally.”
            “Yes ma’am.”  Davil moved toward the caf pot, glancing over his shoulder to watch her departure.  As the door slid shut behind the AFFC’s commander, he sighed quietly, getting a mug and pouring himself a cup of the steaming black sludge that kept the operations staff awake on shifts like this.  He took his first sip as he started looking over the reports from Jargunda, brow furrowing slightly.  The team they had working there was good, apparently.  Wonder who they got-shaavit, him?  Sinking into a chair and setting down his mug slowly, the young engineer shook his head in shock.  How they pried him loose of the Silent Prayer  He laughed at himself.  “Guess I don’t have to worry much about things getting done right.”
            Markedly more relaxed, he scrolled through the numbers, doing a second check anyway, though his mind wandered to the next problem, which was most assuredly the engineering staffs on the modified ships.  What am I going to do about that?  Some of them aren’t even going to be able to fathom these modifications, let alone patch the systems if something drops.  He grimaced.  Maybe I’ll have to ask for inspection tours after all.  Transfer some of the shakier people…acch.  He scrubbed a hand over his eyes.  This is going to be a nightmare.
            His commlink beeped and he jumped, fumbling for it.
            “Dav, it’s Dorrin.  I’m on my way to meet Cay, you joining us?”
            “In a few minutes.  Don’t wait for me.”
            “Right.  Drake out.”
            Davil set his commlink down on the table and sighed, staring at it and the datapad for a few long moments.  Caf first.  Everything else second.

~ Erin

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