Vong War Annals – “Knocking” 10.23.2009

            Senses on high alert, Les started down the path.
            Unlearn everything Jinx taught him? Unlearn everything? He wondered what that could mean, and what lay in store for him.
            How did she know what he had been doing? What he had been thinking? It creeped him out a bit, but he followed along just the same, curious as to what would come next.
            Coming to a stop at the door, he looked back up the hill, where Tag still stood at the gate, silhouetted against a sky turning gray with the approaching dawn. Facing the door again, he took a deep breath, and steeling himself for whatever lay on the other side, gave the door a decisive rap.
            Sure enough, the door did open. What met him on the other side was a warrior unlike any he had ever seen.


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