Vong War Annals – “ReEnlistment” 5.13.2009

            Howie took a moment to ponder Indy’s words. Essentially, he was being offered a second chance. The opportunity to rebuild the life that he’d left behind all those years ago. On the other hand, he was going to have to fight a new war against a new enemy. The decision wasn’t going to be one he was going to make lightly.
            He’d heard about the Vong, of course, but what he did know was limited mostly to what he’d caught on the holonet. News reports, hastily thrown together docuholos and the odd word of mouth encounter overheard from random barflies (which offered little more than wild rumours as to how they lived and what they did to the worlds they invaded). Whatever was true and what was false, Howie knew that they posed a serious threat to the New Republic.
            Truth was, he was tired of living in the shadows. He knew that the bloodshed would probably never stop, but if he could at least do some good, then he might be able to live with himself. Besides, what else could he do? Spend the rest of his days in hiding? Hire out his services to the highest bidder? Either way, he would feel empty. At least if he rejoined the Aurora Force, he could live as himself and not as a variety of false identities.
            He could also learn to command the Force in a way so as not to fall to the Dark Side. That was something that had troubled him for a long time.
            “If you need time to think about it…..” Indy began.
            “No,” Howie insisted, “I was led back here for a reason. There is no luck or fate, only the Force. Besides, I could not in good conscience allow myself to walk away when the New Republic needs everyone they can get. What they had me do was not officially sanctioned. I must step out from the shadows and back into the light. That is the only way I can live with myself.”
            “Then, it is my pleasure to say, welcome back, Major.”

– Howie

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