Vong War Annals – “Prodigal Majors (part 3)” 5.5.2009

            They’d kept him waiting, and for that she was going to have to apologize.  Or was she?  By all rights, he was a dead man.  If he was who he said he was.  She’d have to have Tag check on that, but when she’d left her meeting with Janet, Tag had still been in with Les and that was one conversation she had no intention of disturbing.  Indy rubbed her face.  Had she apologized for keeping Al waiting?  Of course not.  He’d reappeared in her cousin’s house.  There hadn’t been any waiting.
            Good rule of thumb, if you want my immediate attention…reappear in my house.  She blew out a breath through her teeth and looked at Nylan.  “This isn’t some sort of trick, is it?”
            “He’s not a blank spot in the Force, if that’s what you’re asking,” Nylan responded dryly.  “You ready?”
            Indy glanced down at the datapad in her hand and then nodded.  “I’m ready.”
            Nylan opened the door.  Sitting at the long table was someone Indy could certainly believe was Howdern Harm, even though it’d been more than a decade since she’d seen the man last—nearer to half again that amount of time.  Of course, since the man had been reported dead…
            She shook her head slightly and took a seat across the table from him.  “I’m sorry I kept you waiting.  I was getting some ducks in a row.”  She managed a wry smile.  “Am I to assume that you got our message about bringing the family back together from beyond the grave?”
            She didn’t wait for an answer, setting the datapad down in front of her.  “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do, Major.  A lot of explaining to do.”

~ Erin

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