Vong War Annals – “Prodigal major (part 1)” 4.18.2009

            “Sir?  Should we inform the admiral?”
            Nylan Bridger didn’t bother to look up from his boards, monitoring communications, taking a slow sip of his cup of caf.  “Who’s officer of the watch, Mr. Carelli?”
            The green lieutenant shifted from one foot to the other.  He was a local kid.  A lot of them, now, were local kids.  Nylan let him squirm for a moment before looking up.
            “Mr. Carelli?”
            “You are, sir,” the young man answered.  He couldn’t have been older than Nylan’s nephews.
            Nylan nodded slowly.  “Very good, Mr. Carelli.”  He looked back down to his boards.  “The admiral is in a meeting with General Skyy.  I’d rather not disturb her just yet.”
            “She didn’t go in alone.”
            “Astute observation, Mr. Carelli.  The robed figure was her son, Lesley.”
            “Isn’t that a girl’s name?”
            Nylan slowly looked up again, expression deadpan.  “No, Mr. Carelli.  The boy is named for his maternal grandfather.  Do you have any more questions?”
            “I…uhm.”  The young man hesitated a moment.  “No sir.”
            “Very good.  Now get back on the comm with the health and safety inspector and find out how to expedite his process.”
            “Yes sir.”  Carelli retreated back to his workstation.  Nylan took a deep breath, exhaled it slowly, seeking the calm of the Force.  He could sense the ripple that was familiar and yet, at the same time, not.
            Perhaps it really is Mr. Harm.  Strange.  Documents said he was dead.  Nylan’s eyes slid closed for a  moment.  It wouldn’t be the first time that lie was told.  He reached for the call button to the admiral’s office.
            “Admiral, is Tag in there with you?”
            “No, she’s in her office.  Why?”
            Nylan’s brow creased for a moment.  “I just need her to look into something.  Sorry to disturb you.”
            “It’s all right.  Update the security documents, please.  I have an XO.”
            He paused a moment, then nodded, even though she couldn’t see him.  “General Skyy accepted the position, then?  Congratulations, General.  Force have mercy on you.”
            There was quiet laughter in the background as Indy answered.  “Was that all, Nylan?”
            “Yes, ma’am.  Ops out.”
            The security officer on duty at the entry to base operations poked his head in the door.  “Sir?  The man claiming to be Major Harm is here.”
            Nylan stood slowly, straightening his uniform.  “Very well.  Escort him to conference room one.  I’ll be there momentarily.”

~ Erin

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