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      The Aurora Force was founded in February 1999 as a collaborative writing group within the larger Star Wars gaming club, the Rebel Squadrons. The original premise of the unit was to capture the capital of an Imperial sector, a capital called "Aurora," hence the moniker. Various changes in storyline and command, however, resulted in a new storyline for the group. The name stuck.
      The original setting the writers in the Aurora Force explored was roughly two and a half to six years after the Battle of Endor (7.5-11ABY), operating largely in the Kartuiin Sector, which is still the fictional home of the unit. More recently, the writers of the unit have turned their attention to a different era, the times of the New Jedi Order novel arc and now tell the tale of how the Vong War has impacted both the veterans and the rookies of the New Republic forces stationed in the Kartuiin Sector and the population of the sector at large.

      Largely, the writers of the Aurora Force are adults of college age or older. It is a rebuilding period for the unit; we have lost many writers over the past several years who have become too busy to continue or disenchanted with writing Star Wars fiction. We encourage everyone take a look at the Annals of the current storyline and join us in our continuing story.