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Mark Wyler

Mark Wyler, with his famous pipe.

Rank: Civilian

Homeworld: Alderaan

Age: 60

Husband of Janet Skyy; father of Les Wyler and Asya Wyler; brother of Trevvik Wyler.

Pilot of the YT-2400 Raven, Mark is a brilliant engineer and inventor that would have taken him far if he hadn’t been so shy and, at times, absent-minded. He was on Coruscant on business when Alderaan was visited by the Empire. Falling into despair upon losing his wife and young daughter as well as homeworld, life carried on. He found himself doing little things here and there to help the Rebellion along, in memory of the world and the people he’d lost. This led to his capture along with a group of engineers caught in the act of sabotage. A rescue team sent for them was his first brush with the Katarn Commandos, led by Janet Skyy. Losing their boarding vessel in the process, Mark obliged them in their departure with the Raven. Impressed by his piloting skills, and being short a ship and pilot, they offered him the spot. Mark, surreptitiously impressed by the Katarn Leader, accepted.

His infatuation for the commando he kept to himself, seeing that another and more worthy suitor had his eye on her, a Jedi Knight named Jinx Katarn. But even after Jinx removed himself from the picture to pursue some special Jedi mission, fearing rejection, he maintained a mere friendship with Janet. This continued as they moved on to the Aurora Force, carrying on as always – flying missions, and being there for her always, whenever she needed a friend. But this all changed after the Ketaris mission, when she became deathly ill, and he felt he might lose her without revealing to her how much he loved her. This he did at last, and to both his surprise and hers, found she felt the same for him. They were married soon afterwards, and their joy was complete with the birth of their two children, Les and Asya.

Mark Wyler

Asya was still young when the war between the Empire and the Rebellion came to an end, bringing them to a new chapter of their lives, happily moving on to the serenity of Janet’s home planet Atad. These years were the happiest of his life, the life he’d always dreamed of. He spent his days enjoying his family, sketching out plans for his inventions in his study, working with Les in the workshop, taking Asya for joyrides in the Stormcrow, and spending long, lazy hours just sitting around with his wife and admiring all the wonderful days Atad seemed to have a monopoly on.

All this was shattered when they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. They’d just wrapped up a rare appearance on Xenen, where they’d taken time off of their retirement to attend Les’ knighting ceremony (which they’d missed as Jinx performed it in a hurry and left before they even got there), when strange stone ships showed up and started blasting at everything with molten fireballs. In spite of Trevvik’s pleas for him to keep going and hype back home, Mark turned the Stormcrow around and joined the battle. It turned out to be a hit and fade, and left among the smoke and rubble and burned-out ships, was the dilemma of what they ought to do now. Mark was devastated as he realized that their lives were about to take a turn away from the peaceful lives they’d built for themselves, that the peace that had been so highly paid for had been done away with by these invaders from outside the galaxy. It was very hard for him to let go.

While wavering in indecision, it was agreed upon that Asya should return to Atad with a message to be prepared should the Vong venture their way. They would be warned, and Asya would be out of harm’s way, at least for the time being. Employing his brother Trevvik and the Malady to the task, as the Stormcrow had suffered too much damage to make the trip, they sent her on her way. But she didn’t make it. Attacked by the Vong along the way, a holo taken by Asya herself detailed her horrible end. Yet Trevvik survived. Devastated and furious, Mark immediately accepted a commission for himself and for his wife. Unable to bring himself to forgive his brother for what happened, and bringing up again the destruction of the Raven and other past offenses, Janet and Alex Grentarii tried to intervene, tried to get them to stop fighting. It wasn’t until, crushed beneath the weight of grief and despair, Mark found himself aiming the Stormcrow at a Xenen ocean at full throttle, that he came to himself. With Trevvik’s aid he was able to right the ship in the nick of time, and the two of them called that even and put the past behind them.