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Les Wyler

Full name: Marcus Leslye Wyler IV (Les)

Rank: Civilian

Species: Human

Homeworld: Atad

Age: 15

Height: 5’8″

Build: Average

Hair color: Dark brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Hazel

Relatives: Son of Mark and Janet Wyler, one younger sister, Asya Wyler, and an uncle, Trevvik Wyler

Skills: Jedi Knight; enjoys building intricate ship models from scratch

Les was yet a toddler when his parents began to suspect that he was Force-sensitive. At times he would know when things were about to happen; sometimes he read their dreams. He didn’t understand that he was different – he thought everyone was like him. Mark and Janet’s suspicions were confirmed at a tragic point in their lives that could have turned out far worse than it did. The Raven was sabotaged and destroyed while Mark was en route back to Xenen. Les was with him, and as the ship began erupting in explosions, was sent to the escape pod while Mark tried to salvage his beloved ship. As more bombs went off and it was apparent the Raven was doomed, he made a run for the pod, but wasn’t able to make it in time. Without understanding how he did it, Les got Mark into the escape pod by just thinking about it real hard, but the trouble wasn’t over. Landing on a hostile planet, they were met by a greeting party unsympathetic to the badly wounded pilot. When they began taking their hatred out on his father, Les grew angry and attacked them in the same way that he’d saved his father – with his thoughts, making the ringleader think he was on fire. It was during this distraction that Trevvik came by in the Malady, took care of their assailants, and rescued the pair. Frightened by the power demonstrated by his son, Mark turned to Jinx Katarn for help. Realizing the child was indeed in tune with the Force and ought to begin his training as soon as possible, he offered to take him on as Padawan.

For years he went back and forth between Atad, where his parents had retired, and Xenen, where his Jinx was headquartered, to be trained by the Master. By age 15, he was deemed ready to face the trials and become a Jedi Knight. His family made the trip to Xenen to witness the ceremony, but something came up, and Jinx performed the ceremony hastily and was gone before they even arrived, leaving them all wondering why and where he’d gone. All too soon it was time to tell his friends goodbye and go back home, yet unknowing why his master had abandoned him. He was especially distraught with his absence upon receiving a vision about Asya that greatly disturbed him. After the Vong attacked Xenen, he thought he understood its meaning – send Asya away from Xenen, send her somewhere where she’ll be safe, and the vision wouldn’t come true. But it turned out the opposite was true, that he should’ve encouraged his parents not to do the logical thing, but to keep her with them, on Xenen. Then she’d probably still be alive today…he blamed himself for her death. Feeling betrayed by Jinx and toyed with by the Force, in failing his first test as a Jedi Knight, he wondered if he was perhaps too young, or unworthy of the title. Filled with anger with everything and everyone, especially himself, he returned to the castle in which he’d been trained, and in the seclusion of one of the sparring rooms, unleashed that anger, opening himself to the darkness swelling within him. Afterwards it scared him that he’d done that, and backed off from the Force altogether until he could pull himself together and figure out where he stood.