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Currently a military advisor to her husband, the governor of Conceli VIII, in earlier days, Robyn was the leader of a resistance movement of political prisoners on Conceli IX, sent there to keep her father, then a senator on Conceli VIII, in line.


Born approximately nine years before the Battle of Yavin, Robyn is the daughter of Lachlan Hoode and his wife, Corde. She was born on Coruscant, not her parents’ homeworld of Conceli VIII, at a time when her father was studying law and working as an aide to Senator Mira Kanteri, who represented the Kartuiin Sector to the Imperial Senate at the time. Lachlan would remain on-planet for another twelve years, though after the dissolution of the Senate he sent his family home, to Conceli VIII.

Up until her fifteenth birthday, Robyn’s life was almost idyllic. She and her younger brother Cardrew attended public schools in Conceli VIII’s capital. Lachlan’s return from Coruscant was followed shortly thereafter by his election to a seat in the Senate of Conceli VIII and his experience soon won him the Speaker’s seat. A bright, energetic girl, Robyn was the apple of her father’s eye; this was no secret to his enemies on the Imperial-held world.

¬†Lachlan’s tendency to promote the interests of Conceli VIII before those of the Empire made him quite a few powerful enemies, both at home and in the sector at large.¬† In order to control the maverick, powerful senator, the Empire removed Robyn from her home and her family and sent her to Conceli IX, which the Empire used as a prison for political prisoners and “prisoners of conscience.”