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Or maybe it was just how he was; the lone warrior, Horatius at the bridge. He really believed in the ethos of the warrior, the philosphy of the knight, sans peur, sans reproche. And he had made his troops belive in it too, by his shining vision and his intensity and his belief. And that shining vision had sustained them. And maybe this was the cost.

-When the Devil Dances, by John Ringo
Carlos DeLong is currently the commanding officer of the Golgan System Defence Force (GDF). He is the son of Timothy and Amanda DeLong, brother of Robert DeLong and Rachel DeLong, and nephew of Jaq Pellman.


From Lynne to Ithor

Carlos DeLong was born on the Outer Rim world of Lynne, in the year 14 BBY, to Timothy and Amanda DeLong. This was some seven years after the end of the Clone Wars, and the reorganization of the (Old) Republic into the Galactic Empire. The Rebellion was in full swing. Not that young Carlos was in any way cognizant of such high and lofty matters, the concerns of a baby being somewhat more base than that.

Little of note occured during his early years. He received his ring (see below) at birth, and the majority of his early years were spent training as a Guardian alongside his younger sister, Rachel. His instructers were his parents and Robert, as well as Jaq Pellman; though the later could teach him little about the Force, he had much to teach his nephews and niece regarding the arts of stealth and spywork. Carlos took well to such instruction.

All such instruction ended in the year 3 ABY, bare weeks before the battle of Hoth. Thomas Bullian, once a Jedi Knight and family friend, betrayed them to the Empire and led an attack on Lynne. He purposed to seize the rings belong to Carlos and Rachel, the only ones which would consent to be taken by force.

They held for a long time, but neither Robert nor Jaq were there to aid them, and the Lynne authories had their own problems. The battle proved hopeless. In response, Timothy and Amanda mind-blocked Carlos and Rachel, and then used an Aing-Tii technique to… send them away. Carlos was sent to another old friend, a Rebel operative named Chryson Shynar, at the time “vacationing” on Ithor, while Rachel was to go to a Rebel operative named Tyler Backlaw, on Sullust.

Chryson did not recognize Carlos at first; it had been a long while since he’d visited Lynne, and Carlos had been but a boy that time, not seventeen. However he realized who Carlos was soon enough, and made good to spirit him away from Ithor before they drew any more attention. Along the way they were joined by Peregrine, the AI “piloting” a ship known as the Peregrine’s Claw. The Claw was actually belonged to the DeLong family; Peregrine had escaped Lynne and had managed to track down Chyrson, knowing that Carlos had gone to him. The Claw ever after served as Carlos’ personnal ship.

Much of his activties between his arrival on Ithor and when he joined the Aurora Force are classified. He was soon “apprenticed” to Jaq Pellman, who kept up the charade of not knowing who Carlos was, and served in Rebel – later New Republic – Intelligence. What is know for certain about those times is that he was involved in the botched attempt to convince Cho’dai General Chin Takashi to defect from the Empire.

The Minos Cluster

He was recruited into the Aurora Expeditionary Force by Torin Qel-Droma, whom he knew from his own short-lived service in the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division (RSCD). He served in the AF throughout two campaigns, from Minos Cluster Campaign and the… interesting… first mission to Lantare, to the Kartuiin campaign and the final battle above Kartuiin itself.

It was in the Aurora Force that he met his best friend, Indiana Bridger, and the woman who would become his wife, Janice Osren. During the mission to Lyccos II he reunited with his sister, Rachel DeLong, who had been sent to that world instead of Sullust by what is assumed to be the direct intervention of the Force. They also rescued Alain Maranthos, a friend of Rachel’s, who had been kidnapped and enteched into a modified Phase III Dark Trooper by Imperial Admiral Tiras Variner.

Golgan III

He was badly wounded, after the Lyccos II mission, when a group of Dark Jedi under command of Thomas Bullian (naming himself Darth Ispa), attacked theImladris with intent to abduct Davil Bullian, son of Indiana Bridger and Mike Bullian. The Dark Jedi escaped with the boy, but a then-comatose Carlos was able to use the Force to direct Mike on where to go; by some strange mechanic, he was fully aware of who he was while unconcious. Once recovered, and no longer able to remember his past, Carlos took the Claw and left the Imladris for the Ashkhelhon system, the place where the Dark Jedi had taken Davil, in hope to find some answers of his own [3]. There he encountered – and defeated – another Dark Jedi. He also discovered a small holo of his family; not much, but it was a start.

They were jumped by pirates on the way back to Minos. Damaged, the Claw was forced to land on an Imperial-held world: Golgan III. There he joined up with an underground resistance movement, and helped to expose the truth of what the Empire had done on that world [[4]]. With the Empire driven off, and the formation of the GDF from a pair of captured Star Destroyers, Carlos departed Golgan III, and returned to the AF.

However, he maintained contact with Golgan III, especially with Vran Diesato and Sarah Rossech. Those contacts turned to the AF’s advantage on many occaions, such as when the Imladris suffered ambush and needed place to settle down for repairs.

From Xenen to Vormari

Towards the end of the campaign in the Minos Cluster, as a result of a serious of missions intended to rescue comrade Troy Nexus, Carlos was taken captive by Darth Ispa and associated forces. However, he managed to send his ring away with Indiana Bridger, denying the would-be Sith Lord the prize he’d long sought. Carlos was imprissoned on Odysseus, and thus missed the initial fight for Xenen. He was soon rescued, however, in a daring raid which not only saw him reunited with his brother, Robert, but also led to him adopting a son, Jonathan Playbird, aged six.

Despite missing the battle of Xenen, he was present for the battle of Concelli IX. He nearly suffered a breakdown during the fight, due to flashbacks to Odysseus. However he managed to hold himself together long enough to take part in the final battle which drove the Empire off that world. He was severly injured during the course of that battle, and spent the entirity of the ‘Great Concelli VIII Charlie Foxtrot’ in a bacta tank; Rachel, however, was square in the middle of it.

He spent several weeks after the Concelli mission on extended leave, rampaging throughout the backwoods of Xenen with his family. They returned to active duty in time for a training mission to Coruscant, which quickly turned serious when a group of terrorists took over an embassy. During the counter mission, Carlos encountered a man, Cosmo Rathon, who had known his father. Rathon died in the rescue attempt, but lived long enough to tell Carlos his father’s name.

After the training-mission-gone-wrong, he again took an extended leave of absence, this time to accompany Indy on search for Mike, who’d decided to go walkabout. Their search took them to such places as Yaga Minor, where Carlos put an old Barabel contact of his on the hunt. During a stop off at Golgan III they learned that Xenen had sufferend an attack by unknown forces. This turned out to be an indiginous pro-Imperial group, coordinating with Admiral Variner and the rest of the Sector’s remaining Imperial forces. They returned to find Xenen nominally under control of the Empire, awaiting the arrival of the Imperial fleet.

The Empire was driven off – again – after a fierce battle, successful in part due to the timely arrival of the GDF.

Thereafter, the AF was assigned to a strike against the Imperial world Ketaris, in support of the New Republic’s fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn. Again, Carlos missed the majority of this battle, having been kidnapped by the Grand Admiral’s own forces the night prior. Thrawn wished for Carlos to join his efforts at uniting the galaxy; he even attempted a bribe, the price being the location of Carlos’ parents. Being at heart a political libertarian, Carlos refused the offer. Thrawn ordered the datapad containing the location of his parents placed outside his cell, as enticement.

He managed to escape the Chimaera upon her arrival at Ketaris, with the timely aid of Jaq Pellman, Tag Rendar, and Rachel DeLong.

He took the datapad with him.

The victory at Ketaris, however, was marred by the betrayal of Walex Partija, and the apparent death of AFCO Indiana Bridger. For a time this left Carlos and Derik Bel Iblis in joint command of the AF, until Indy recovered and declared herself alive again.

For a time after Ketaris, the Kartuiin sector fell quiet: the AF was to guard New Republic holdings against any resurgent assault by the Empire, while the Imperial forces were quite content to hold back until Thrawn’s offensive concluded. In that time of quiet, Carlos finally asked Janice to marry him [5].

Batchelor and Batchelorette parties soon followed. Indy declared herself alive at Janice’s party, but just to the AF and not the galaxy at large. Much fun was had by all, and Carlos attempted to act the part of a lordly and imperious Grand Admiral.

The wedding itself was a matter of fair pomp and circumstance; such were the customs of Janice’s homeworld: practically simple, but very formal and ritualistic. The happy couple soon excused themselves from the festivities; no one really begrudged it.

Forty-eight hours later, Hiram Ishaki, Raize Yeven, and Zane Kolost returned to Tiras Variner. Bare days after that, Variner turned them loose on Norvid V.

The honeymoon was cut rather short.

In response, the AF staged a daring raid against Variner’s staging area around Vormari III. It was, as they say, a famous victory, involving not only ship-to-ship combat but boarding actions as well.

AF losses included the Iron Whip and (seemingly) Derik Bel Iblis.

Back to Lynne

AF losses at Vormari were severe, due to in part to Darth Ispa using the Force to enhance the Imperial forces’ coordination. Carlos, having confirmed the information taken from Thrawn regarding his parents’ location, offered up a plan to draw Ispa out in the open and kill him.

He would take the AF’s Jedi compliment and carry them to a world with no name, a wold upon which Darth Ispa held his parents. They would rescue Timothy and Amanda DeLong, and in so doing draw Ispa into a trap.

The plan was agreed, and they took the Dashan to the world with no name… and his family was made whole again. He was made whole again, for his memories as well as his family were finally restored.

Shortly thereafter he was taken down a notch when his mother decided to entertain his friends by telling stories from when he was five.

They travelled to Lynne, and returned to their home, an enclave built inside a great mountain. There Carlos, Rachel, Timothy, and Amanda retrieved their lightsabers. And there Darth Ispa – Thomas Bullian – met them in battle. Carlos fought him, but Ispa cut away his left hand and ran him through.

While Timothy dueled – and killed – Ispa, Rachel, Indy, and Amanda quickly transported Carlos – and the other wounded – back to the Dashan. The doctors did what they could, and then dunked him in a bacta tank and hoped for the best. While unconcious, Carlos had a vision [6] of things which were, are, and are to come. The vision involved math, and something called a chili dog.

What he understoond of it was the choice he had to make. In so understanding he chose, and awoke back to life, to his wife and friends and family.

The Vong War

Towards the end of the Kartuiin Campaign, Janice died from complications related to a genetic defect. Jaq Pellman to was killed, aboard the SSD Insidiousduring the final battle of the campaign. As a result of all of this, Carlos resigned his comission with the AF and left the Kartuiin Sector, and travelled with his adopted son to Golgan III and there signed on with the GDF.

In wake of the Caamas Document Crisis, in the year 19 ABY, Golgan III withdrew it’s petition for admittance to the New Republic and opted to remain an independant, if allied, system. Carlos, by then having replaced Vran Diesato as GDFCO, supported this decision. Rachel did not take well to this, and the two haven’t spoken since.

Then the Vong came.


Behind the Scenes

Character Theme – Sophia, by the Cruxshadows


Karen Wood

Karen Wood is the former commander of the Imladris and the current officer-in-charge of Wayfarer station. She is the commanding officer of Aurora Force Fleet Command.


Karen Wood is one of those officers that could be called a “generational,” born on Commenor approximately eighteen years before the Battle of Yavin to an officer in Commenor’s defense fleet, Andrew Wood, and a systems engineer for the Fondor Yards, Samantha Tarleson. She grew up on Commenor, largely unaffected by the war until after the Battle of Derra IV. Her family, though sympathetic to the Rebel cause, was uninvolved in the conflict until the Commenorian ship of the line that Karen was serving aboard came into conflict with a damaged Imperial vessel whose captain sought to seize the undamaged Commenorian craft. Karen, then a young lieutenant, and her captain deftly outmaneuvered the Imperial captain at the cost of prices on their heads and Imperial warrents for their arrest.

Physical description

Now in her 40s, Karen Wood does not look much different than she did when she was in her early 30s; her hair is still dark with little gray, though there are more lines around her eyes these days. She is a tall woman, standing 5’9″, of lean build. She is quite physically fit and runs every day.

Service Record

After her unfortunate encounter with a vindictive Imperial captain, Karen’s choices became limited. Within six months, she made good her quiet escape from Commenor with the blessings of her commanders and family, joining the still-reeling Rebellion. She was assigned as a navigator to one of the new ships provided by the Mon Calamari to the Rebellion and mastered the unfamiliar systems easily. Perhaps fortunately for her, this mastery led her to become a chief training officer for new recruits transitioning from Imperial systems to the Mon Cal systems. She served as a ship’s navigator for several warships, seeing combat at Endor and Bakura, as well as other, less famous engagements.

Two years after Endor, Karen was serving as XO and nightside watch commander aboard a light cruiser patrolling the trade lanes frequented by New Republic shipping. Her ship, the Immersea, stumbled onto an Imperial attack against a convoy carrying trade goods and escorting a ship boardcasting a diplomatic IFF. Under her direction, the Immersea ran off the Imperial force. As a result, then-Lieutenant Commander Wood won a promotion to the rank of Commander and was reassigned to a newly vacant post–the captaincy of the MC-80 Imladris, at the time operating in the Minos Cluster.  It was a post she would hold for some fifteen years.

As the commanding officer of the Imladris, Karen Wood rose to the rank of admiral, though the road that led her there was hardly an easy one. Her ship often played the decoy for the Aurora Force, especially early on, and rarely came out of conflict unscathed, despite the best efforts of captain and crew. As time wore on, the situation improved markedly; however, the Imladris was always secondary to the fleet flagship, the ISD-II Dashan, commanded by James Henderson. Karen, however, was recognized for her talents and was the longtime XO of the AFFC before her eventual promotion to the CO’s chair upon the retirement of General Garan-Dur from active service to the New Republic. Her seat of command eventually shifted to Wayfarer station after an accident aboard the Imladrismade it clear that if she was to command the ships of the line of the Kartuiin Sector, she’d best do it from a more stationary platform.

Personal life

Karen married fellow officer and ship’s captain Jeff Sparks after the fall of Coruscant.

Alek Cannele

Alek Cannele is the current Sector Chief for New Republic Intelligence for Sector 27 and is the husband of Tegan Dargan-Cannele, governor of the Kartuiin Sector. 


Born the son of Davron and Jaeneve Cannele approximately eleven years before the Battle of Yavin, Alek’s childhood was anything but normal. When Alek was nine, Davron was killed by forces sent by the Empire in search of Jaeneve, a Force-sensitive ex-soldier with a knack for getting into trouble. Alek and his younger sister, Carmen, were taken into Imperial custody and eventually came to the Imperial court, where they were given into the care of Emperor’s Hand Link Shaner. It was at her knee that Alek first learned to use the Force, though her sole responsibility for that did not last.

While Carmen escaped after a far briefer captivity than her brother, eventually finding her way to the Rebellion and her mother, Alek remained as part of the Imperial court for several more years. During this time, he encountered Jeffery Taleisin, with whom he soon developed a mutal trust. Much of Alek’s more advanced training in the ways of the Force came from Jeffery prior to the other man’s escape from Imperial custody in the company of Ulic Taliesin, a Corellian Jedi.

It was shortly before the Battle of Hoth that Alek Cannele was removed from Imperial control, captured by elements of Ice Squadron, under the command of then-Captain Kingston Taylor. Jeffery Taleisin renewed his training of the young man, who was duly inducted into the shadow-world of spies and intelligence-gathering after his loyalties solidified. Largely, his work was of little consequence until nearly four years after the Battle of Endor, when he was called upon to undertake a deep cover operation. The operation took him to Kartuiin, the heart of Sector 27. The end result of his mission was his courtship of and eventual marriage to Tegan Dargan, at the time a virtual prisoner of the gubernatorial mansion on Kartuiin.

Tag Rendar was largely responsible for a great deal of Alek’s intelligence training and he was viewed for quite a long time as something of a protege of hers. Several years after her departure from the Sector Chief’s chair, Alek stepped in to fill her shoes and has served as the Sector Chief for several years.