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Molly Losoda

Molly is the elder of twin girls born to Dalsuna Losoda and Tag Rendar approximately eight years after the Battle of Yavin. She was recruited at sixteen into New Republic Intelligence and assigned to Sector 27, a region her mother once commanded for Intelligence.



The second child of New Republic officers Dalsuna Losoda and Tag Rendar, Molly was born on Xenen, the location of her mother’s posting at the time. She was raised largely on Xenen in close contact with her extended family including the Bridger clan. Her cousins were more like brothers to her during her youth and this has persisted as they all approach and enter adulthood.

In the wake of the death of her “uncle,” Jaq Pellman, Molly and her siblings witnessed their mother become increasingly withdrawn for a time leading up to the birth of the youngest Losoda, Jaq. The event had a deeper effect on Corsem, Molly’s older brother, than it did on either her or her twin sister, Linda.

Molly earned high marks in school and displays the same Force talents possessed by her parents, though she chooses to use hers rarely, often only in relation to her work.


Physical description

Molly wears her dark brown hair short. She is taller than her mother, standing approximately 5’4″ and has indigo eyes. She has a lean, athletic build suited to fieldwork with Intelligence.


Service Record

Recruited approximately one year before the beginning of conflicts with the Vong, Molly had been assigned to monitor activity of organized crime syndicates in the Kartuiin Sector by Colonel Alek Cannele. Her training for this particular sort of mission came from Carmen Cannele, the Colonel’s sister. Her cover was blown on Wayfarer station and she was extracted by Captain Cay Bel Iblis and Xander Drake. Her cover identity comprimised, Molly was reassigned to liaise aboard the Legacy as their shipboard intelligence officer. This remains her current assignment.


Lieutenant Davil Bullian is chief engineer aboard the Legacy.


Davil was born two and a half years after the Battle of Endor, the oldest son of Michael Bullian and Indiana Bridger. He was born at the same time as sisters Arilyn and Mary and brother, Michael. He was raised largely on Xenen, coming up through local schools. He displayed very early on a talent for engineering, potentially inherited from his father. He joined the New Republic military when he was of age to do so and was brought very quickly into Research and Development.


Physical description

With black hair and green eyes with remarkable gold flecking, Davil stands approximately 5’7″ and is of a somewhat slight build. By all accounts, he is stronger than his wiry frame would indicate.


Service Record

Davil’s first assignment was to Coruscant as a newly minted lieutenant junior grade, to the main office of New Republic R&D. The various projects that received Davil’s touch were generally fast-tracked. Even as his professional career began to blossom and he won the admiration and respect of fellow officers for his work, Davil’s personal life–duly linked to his career–began to take a downturn. Exposed for the first time to some disturbing information about his father’s extracurricular activities, Davil felt compelled to defend the honor of his mother, by this time a full admiral and the commanding officer of New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector. Davil was involved in several altercations during his time on Coruscant, the last and most brutal of which resulted in the hospitalization of the son of Senator Damon Lassiter of Ylesia. This resulted in timely reassignment of both parties off-world; the senator’s son to the command of Garm Bel Iblis, Davil to the Aurora Force, where he was assigned to the position of chief engineer aboard the Legacy.


Personal life

With the exception of his younger sister, Arilyn, Davil is potentially the most intensely private scion of the Bullian-Bridger union. All his life, he has been a quiet, withdrawn boy, given more to studying and tinkering than socializing. Part of this may be due to the hand of Nylan Bridger, the young Corellian Jedi who trained Davil in the ways of the Force. Figures such as Ulic and Jeffrey Taliesin also played a role in Davil’s training.

The capital ships assigned to the Kartuiin Sector are organized into the various fleets of the Aurora Force Fleet Command, the commanding officer of which is Admiral Karen Wood, who answers directly to Admiral Indiana Bridger and Governor Tegan Dargan.


Home Guard

The Home Guard is permenantly stationed at the Xenea system, though ships are occassionally deployed out of the system on assignment.

Commanding officer: General James Henderson

Ships of the Home Guard

Dashan (ISD-II)
Imladris (MC-80)
Caduceus (retrofitted Neb-B)
Excelsior (MC-90)


Second Fleet

Commanding officer: General Jeff Sparks


Third Fleet

Commanding officer: General Ethan Rand


The Hole (Fourth Fleet)

Commanding Officer: General Derik Bel Iblis

Ships of the Hole

Black Vise (ISD)


Fifth Fleet

Commanding Officer: General Kosura

Note: The fifth fleet was wiped out in an engagement with the Vong early in the war.

Other and Allied

While not under Admiral Bridger’s command, the NRDF TF 87 patrols an AOR close – astronomically speaking – to the Kartuiin Sector.

The Five-Star Glory is nominally attached to the naval forces at the disposal of the Aurora Force but remains the personal seat of command for General Garan-Dur, Jedi Master and chief military advisor to Governor Dargan.

Karen Wood

Karen Wood is the former commander of the Imladris and the current officer-in-charge of Wayfarer station. She is the commanding officer of Aurora Force Fleet Command.


Karen Wood is one of those officers that could be called a “generational,” born on Commenor approximately eighteen years before the Battle of Yavin to an officer in Commenor’s defense fleet, Andrew Wood, and a systems engineer for the Fondor Yards, Samantha Tarleson. She grew up on Commenor, largely unaffected by the war until after the Battle of Derra IV. Her family, though sympathetic to the Rebel cause, was uninvolved in the conflict until the Commenorian ship of the line that Karen was serving aboard came into conflict with a damaged Imperial vessel whose captain sought to seize the undamaged Commenorian craft. Karen, then a young lieutenant, and her captain deftly outmaneuvered the Imperial captain at the cost of prices on their heads and Imperial warrents for their arrest.

Physical description

Now in her 40s, Karen Wood does not look much different than she did when she was in her early 30s; her hair is still dark with little gray, though there are more lines around her eyes these days. She is a tall woman, standing 5’9″, of lean build. She is quite physically fit and runs every day.

Service Record

After her unfortunate encounter with a vindictive Imperial captain, Karen’s choices became limited. Within six months, she made good her quiet escape from Commenor with the blessings of her commanders and family, joining the still-reeling Rebellion. She was assigned as a navigator to one of the new ships provided by the Mon Calamari to the Rebellion and mastered the unfamiliar systems easily. Perhaps fortunately for her, this mastery led her to become a chief training officer for new recruits transitioning from Imperial systems to the Mon Cal systems. She served as a ship’s navigator for several warships, seeing combat at Endor and Bakura, as well as other, less famous engagements.

Two years after Endor, Karen was serving as XO and nightside watch commander aboard a light cruiser patrolling the trade lanes frequented by New Republic shipping. Her ship, the Immersea, stumbled onto an Imperial attack against a convoy carrying trade goods and escorting a ship boardcasting a diplomatic IFF. Under her direction, the Immersea ran off the Imperial force. As a result, then-Lieutenant Commander Wood won a promotion to the rank of Commander and was reassigned to a newly vacant post–the captaincy of the MC-80 Imladris, at the time operating in the Minos Cluster.  It was a post she would hold for some fifteen years.

As the commanding officer of the Imladris, Karen Wood rose to the rank of admiral, though the road that led her there was hardly an easy one. Her ship often played the decoy for the Aurora Force, especially early on, and rarely came out of conflict unscathed, despite the best efforts of captain and crew. As time wore on, the situation improved markedly; however, the Imladris was always secondary to the fleet flagship, the ISD-II Dashan, commanded by James Henderson. Karen, however, was recognized for her talents and was the longtime XO of the AFFC before her eventual promotion to the CO’s chair upon the retirement of General Garan-Dur from active service to the New Republic. Her seat of command eventually shifted to Wayfarer station after an accident aboard the Imladrismade it clear that if she was to command the ships of the line of the Kartuiin Sector, she’d best do it from a more stationary platform.

Personal life

Karen married fellow officer and ship’s captain Jeff Sparks after the fall of Coruscant.