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Alek Cannele

Alek Cannele is the current Sector Chief for New Republic Intelligence for Sector 27 and is the husband of Tegan Dargan-Cannele, governor of the Kartuiin Sector. 


Born the son of Davron and Jaeneve Cannele approximately eleven years before the Battle of Yavin, Alek’s childhood was anything but normal. When Alek was nine, Davron was killed by forces sent by the Empire in search of Jaeneve, a Force-sensitive ex-soldier with a knack for getting into trouble. Alek and his younger sister, Carmen, were taken into Imperial custody and eventually came to the Imperial court, where they were given into the care of Emperor’s Hand Link Shaner. It was at her knee that Alek first learned to use the Force, though her sole responsibility for that did not last.

While Carmen escaped after a far briefer captivity than her brother, eventually finding her way to the Rebellion and her mother, Alek remained as part of the Imperial court for several more years. During this time, he encountered Jeffery Taleisin, with whom he soon developed a mutal trust. Much of Alek’s more advanced training in the ways of the Force came from Jeffery prior to the other man’s escape from Imperial custody in the company of Ulic Taliesin, a Corellian Jedi.

It was shortly before the Battle of Hoth that Alek Cannele was removed from Imperial control, captured by elements of Ice Squadron, under the command of then-Captain Kingston Taylor. Jeffery Taleisin renewed his training of the young man, who was duly inducted into the shadow-world of spies and intelligence-gathering after his loyalties solidified. Largely, his work was of little consequence until nearly four years after the Battle of Endor, when he was called upon to undertake a deep cover operation. The operation took him to Kartuiin, the heart of Sector 27. The end result of his mission was his courtship of and eventual marriage to Tegan Dargan, at the time a virtual prisoner of the gubernatorial mansion on Kartuiin.

Tag Rendar was largely responsible for a great deal of Alek’s intelligence training and he was viewed for quite a long time as something of a protege of hers. Several years after her departure from the Sector Chief’s chair, Alek stepped in to fill her shoes and has served as the Sector Chief for several years.