The Quick and Dirty

This section is designed to give you the quick’n’dirty on various AF Lore. It is broken down into various sections and gives the very basics–the essentials, the need-to-knows–in some cases, though in others, it will provide all the information currently available in the databank on a given character, concept, or otherwise. This page is designed to be the baseline reference page for the unit.

Currently, all information is expected to reflect status quo as of the Vong War era (26ABY).


This section gives the quick and dirty on the original worlds found in Aurora Force stories.

Conceli VIII

  • Terrestrial world; similar in many ways to Commenor or Alderaan. It was one of the earliest colonized planets of the sector. It is a very Earth-like planet.
  • Was the site of a particularly disasterous mission undertaken by the Aurora Force; the planetary government declared total neutrality after its liberation from the Empire. Trade relations with the New Republic were established approximately eighteen months after liberation; three years after liberation, Conceli VIII joined the New Republic.
  • Is one of two worlds in the Conceli system that can support life.



  • Capital of the Kartuiin Sector; the sector capital is the city of Dhars, a mountain city.
  • Ice world, just inside of the habitable range.
  • Kartuiin is one of the worlds “deep” in the sector–which is to say, it’s not a Coreward world of the sector as Xenen is.


Vormari III

  • This world is slowly being recolonized after the construction of eco-domes on-planet. Bacta production within the sector has resumed after more than fifteen years.
  • A debacle between Imperial and New Republic forces in the months prior to the reemergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn resulted in the creation of a second sun in the Vormar system which changed the environmental state of Vormari III and prompting an evacuation of the planet, which was coordinated by then Imperial Admiral Torvin Taylor.
  • The native population of Vormari was resettled elsewhere in the sector, to Tervusyl.



  • Is the home of Shay Military Base, which is the seat of command for the Aurora Force.
  • Was captured by the Aurora Force not long after Coruscant fell to the New Republic.
  • Is a terrestrial planet; third in its solar system with a standard yellow star. Gravity is near Earth standard. Overall, it’s a very Earth-like world, though it is given to even more severe weather changes than Earth is (it is not uncommon in some areas to see a 25-40 degree shift in temperature over the space of 36 hours).
  • Has four continents. Most of the settlement on the world is on the largest of them.
  • Most Coreward world of the Kartuiin Sector.



This section gives basic information on the various units attached to and of the Aurora Force.

Aurora Force

This is the designation for the New Republic military forces stationed in the Kartuiin Sector. Originally, it was a commando-based unit based off of the MC-80 Imladris.

Eclipse Division

One of two main divisions of commandos assigned to the Kartuiin Sector. Eclipse contains black ops units, standard non-vehicle based units, and urban commando units.

Backlash Division

One of two main divisions of commandos assigned to the Kartuiin Sector. Backlash largely consists of vehicle-based commando units, including the power-armor based Blood Squadron.

Aurora Force Fleet Command

The AFFC comprises the naval forces assigned to the Kartuiin Sector proper. The commander of the AFFC is Admiral Karen Wood, the long-ago commander of the Imladris.


Wayfarer station is the debarkation and embarkation point for capital ships coming into the Xenea system and leaving the system. Most transports make a stop on-station before either continuing down to the planet’s surface and one of the various commerical spaceports or moving on to another destination. The station is the seat of the AFFC and Karen Wood’s command as well as being home to Tempest Control.


Aurora Force’s mobile hospital, nominally under the command of Dr. Istil Corna, the chief medical officer of the Aurora Force. In recent years, the Caduceus has been docked at Wayfarer Station, in Xenen orbit. The first attack by the Vong on the system, however, changed that and the ship affectionately nicknamed “the Cad” now holds orbit over Xenen, ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.


This section gives the quick and dirty on the original characters of the Aurora Force, both major, minor, and background characters.

Major characters

These characters are the “main” characters of various writers — that is, the characters that will appear most commonly as the driving force behind their posts. Some people have more characters than most.

Captain Cay Bel Iblis

human male, early 20s

  • Captain of the Legacy.
  • Son of Derik “the Wyvern” Bel Iblis and adopted son of Alta Darklighter Bel Iblis. Husband of Mary Bullian. Older brother of Loren and Aurora Bel Iblis.
  • Openly a member of the Order of Auyn. He took Xander Drake under his wing for training. Exactly who his mentors were is unknown.
  • Cay took a leave of absence for about a year prior to his taking command of the Legacy. On this trip, he located his birth mother along with having other adventures. His brother-in-law to be, Michael Bullian Jr., took exception to his departure, seeing it as an abandonment of his sister.


human female, late 30s

  • Commanding officer of New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector.
  • Jedi Healer — she was trained by Tag Rendar in the basics; Indiana developed her healing talents on her own. She is considered a “gifted” Force healer.
  • Nicknamed “Indy” by those close to her, which includes a large amount of Aurora Force’s command staff, past and present. To many, however, she is simply “the Admiral.”
  • Resides at Xenen with some of her family, about two kilometers from base. Her residence is part of a compound off-base that also contains the homes of her brother and cousins.
  • Sister of Slate Bridger and cousin of Nylan Bridger, Karinlynn Bridger Kel-Solan, and Tag Rendar. Indiana, Nylan, and Tag were all born in the same year on Corellia, in Coronet City; Indiana and Tag on the same day. She is the youngest of the three.
  • Married to New Republic naval officer Michael Bullian since she was eighteen.
  • Decorated officer in the now-defunct Corellian Security Force. She specialized in counterterrorism and computer crimes.
  • Her skills as a slicer have become all but legendary within the unit, especially in the early days. She utilized them during various missions and still issues codesets to teams seeking to take down computer systems before infiltration of targets.

 Cameron Delong

human male, early teens

General Carlos Delong

human male, early 40s

  • Commanding Officer, Golgan Defense Force (GDF)


Matthew Delong

human male, early teens kinda

  • He and Sarah are twins


Captain Rachel DeLong

human female, late 30s

  • Commander, Air Group, MC90a Waverider


Robert Delong

human male, mid 40s

Sarah Delong

human male, early teens kinda

  • She and Matthew are twins


Talia Delong

human female, early 40s

Alextravia Judas Grentarii


Jeir “Jinx” Katarn

human male, late 50s

  • Killed during an incident on Coruscant a few weeks before the Battle of Ithor.


Amanda Lance

human female

  • Former/current fiancée of Alextravia Grentarii.
  • Jedi Knight, master unknown.
  • Cousin of Joel Lance.


Jaq Losoda

human male, early teens

  • Youngest child of Dalsuna Losoda and Tag Rendar. He is named for Jaq Pellman, Tag’s mentor and former partner in New Republic Intelligence.


General Tag Rendar

human female, late 30s

  • NRI agent assigned to Sector 27. She is the former sector chief for Sector 27; she departed from this post in the wake of her mentor’s death. For a while, she served as an aide and political advisor on Coruscant before retiring to Conceli VIII with her family.
  • Corellian born and bred; Tag’s parents were both with Corellian Security. Her mother, Mera, was an Antilles; her father, Corsem, was the scion of a prominent line of Corellian Jedi.
  • Was recruited into Intelligence before she ever left Corellia–Tag and her cousin, Nylan Bridger, were used as spies for several years for their cell in Coronet City, despite their youth. They both fled the planet with most of their cell shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Tag was thirteen.
  • Wife of a former Naval officer, Dalsuna Losoda. They have four children: Corsem, twins Molly and Linda, and Jaq. Her sister-in-law, Miranda, is a Jedi Knight.
  • Jedi Master — Tag was trained by Mikhail Bridger on Corellia prior to his death. Her abilities as a Jedi have saved her life more than once in the field.
  • Highly allergic to bacta. The smell of it is enough to spark a reaction.
  • Skilled X-wing pilot. She was attached to various units during the Rebellion, including Luke Skywalker’s command. She commanded a captured Victory-class Star Destroyer at the Battle of Endor, the Echo.
  • Known to have killed Emperor’s Hand Link Shaner and replaced her for a time. She still uses the identity on occassion.


General Janet Skyy

human female, early 50s

Regular and semiregular characters

These characters are the secondary characters of various writers. These characters may often appear as the focus of their own posts, though they will also often appear as supporting cast members. Some people have more characters than most.

Colonel Nylan Bridger

human male, late 30s

  • Base commander of Shay Memorial Military Base on Xenen.
  • Jedi master — Nylan’s training came at the knee of his own father, Mikhail Bridger, scion of two prominent Corellian Jedi families. Of the Corellian Jedi serving in the Aurora Force, he is quite possibly the most “traditional”–that is to say that he behaves more like a councilor Jedi of the Old Republic.
  • Older brother of Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan. He and his sister share a passing resemblance; he is often mistaken for Indiana Bridger’s brother due to the strong resemblance between them. They could pass for twins.


General Slate Bridger

human male, early 40s

  • Commander of New Republic ground forces in the Kartuiin Sector. He maintains direct command of the 58th NR Urban Commandos, a small team assigned to Eclipse Division.
  • Older brother of Indiana Bridger; first child of Davil Bridger of Corellian Security and his wife, Renegade Kaslin.
  • Husband of NRI agent Karrially Darjinn. He has three children with her, a daughter (Ashlyn) and two sons.
  • Jedi Knight, multiple masters.
  • Slate is one of the secret Auyn WarMasters. **this is not common knowledge**


Lieutenant Davil Bullian

human male, late teens

  • Chief engineer of the Legacy.
  • Oldest son of Michael Bullian and Indiana Bridger. His relationship with his brother, Mikey, is somewhat strained, but he is exceptionally close to his sister, Arilyn. His brother-in-law and commanding officer, Cay Bel Iblis, was one of his closest friends growing up on Xenen.
  • Davil narrowly escaped court martial on Coruscant through the intervention of several parties on his behalf. He assaulted the son of a senator in a bar near Research and Development HQ. This resulted in his reassignment back to the Kartuiin Sector from R&D’s main office.
  • One of the most brilliant engineers of his generation; among Davil’s flaws is that he is easily talked into doing things for his friends that may or may not be in his best interest (stories abound of him reprogramming various household droids and hotwiring bikes, speeders, and even starfighters as a child).
  • Jedi Knight, trained largely by Nylan Bridger.


Admiral Michael Patrick Bullian

human male, early 40s

  • Commander of the New Republic Sixth Fleet. He is a former fighter pilot, calsign Charcoal.
  • Husband of Indiana Bridger. He has six children with her (quadruplets Davil, Arilyn, Mary, and Michael Jr. and twins Caitlin and Innis) and multiple illegitimate children with various women.
  • Born on Kuat, the son of Thomas Bullian (Darth Ispa) and a local woman. Before his departure from the world, he was being groomed to become a telbun.
  • Engineering is a hobby of his.


Vice Admiral Kenneth Burdett

Human male, late 40s

  • Commanding Officer, New Republic TF 87
  • Flagship, MC90a Waverider


Captain Aral Contassia

human female, mid 30s

  • General Delong’s Chief of Staff


Captain Eric Corwin

Human male, late 30s

  • Commanding Officer, ISDII Illuminator
  • General Delong’s Flag Captain


Commodore Tara d’Avignon

human female, late 30s

  • GDF Chief of Engineers


Commander Izra Dargan

human male, early 50s

  • CAG of the fighter squadrons stationed at Shay Base.
  • Alderaanean by birth and blood, he joined the Rebellion in secret despite his family’s strong Imperial ties. He served in the original Ice Squadron prior to a devastating injury on Hoth that left him confined to a wheelchair for several years.
  • Uncle of Kingston Taylor and Tegan Dargan. Izra is the youngest brother of their mother and father, respectively.
  • Husband of Mara Amber-Dargan, an NRI officer.
  • Calsign: Wheels
  • Worked for Intelligence for approximately two years–all records of his activities during this period of time are classified. He resurfaced in 6ABY as a member of the New Republic Military’s press corps and was responsible for the production of several recruitment films. He also made several documentaries about the Aurora Force before his return to flight status after surgery and physical therapy corrected injuries sustained on Hoth.


General Kingston Taylor-Drake

human female, early 40s

  • Commander of starfighter operations for the Kartuiin Sector.
  • Kingston was the founding commander of Ice Squadron, which is now under the command of Colonel Rameth. It was commissioned originally under her command in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, decommissioned after most of the unit was transferred to Intelligence after Endor, and recommissioned again after the fall of Coruscant. She finally gave up command of the unit some ten years ago to accept the post of commander of starfighter operations for the Kartuiin Sector. Her calsign, Ice, is linked to this command, but also to her appearance — stark silver-white hair and silver-gray eyes.
  • Wife of Robert Drake. Kingston was responsible for saving her future husband’s life at the Battle of Endor when she talked him through his landing aboard the Home One. He was hysterical after the death of his wingman, which he held himself personally responsible for. They met again after she was liberated from the Imperial prison vessel Caraban.
  • Daughter of Torvin Taylor and Marie Dargan-Taylor, both former Imperial officers. She is also the cousin of Governor Tegan Dargan. She has several children with her husband, Robert, including twins Dorrin and Alyson, son Xander, and daughter Dora.
  • Latent Force sensitivity — Kingston was identified during her tenure at the Imperial Academy at Prefsbelt IV as having a very weak Force sensitivity but was not considered a threat to the Empire. After her defection with the Rand Ecliptic, she was identified as a target of interest. She was captured after Bakura and confined to the Imperial prison ship Caraban, where she was experimented on by Imperial scientists. This experimentation resulted in a strengthening of her latent abilities, though she will never be a Jedi herself.


Commodore Drax

Devaronian male, early 40s maybe

  • GDF Chief of Intelligence
  • Commanding Officer, GDF Second Squadron
  • Flagship, ISDII Argent Sound
  • Wears glasses
  • Once set his own pants on fire, just to get out of a meeting
  • Not to be confused with Commander Tyrin Drax, a human ex-pirate.


Vice Admiral Hiram Ishaki

Human male, late 40s

  • Commanding Officer, Imperial 43rd Battle Group
  • Flagship, ISDII Apollyon


Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan

human female, mid 30s

  • Retired New Republic Intelligence special agent and WarMistress of the Order of Auyn.
  • Skilled in various forms of combat; hand-to-hand combat and exotic weapons are her specialities.
  • For a brief time was a vigilante bounty hunter, going by the name Protectress.
  • Jedi Knight, master unknown.
  • Displays psychic ability that goes beyond sensitivity to the Force. It is theorized that this is what keeps her on the NRI payroll.
  • Mentor of Arilyn Bullian, who inherited her armor and her signature weapon.


Commodore Everett Kinkaid

human male, early 40s

  • GDF Executive Officer
  • Commanding Officer, GDF First Squadron
  • Flagship, ISDII Freedom’s Fire


Damien Korsetti

Human male

  • Former slaver
  • Human agent for Alexander Kerensky/Deimos


First Lieutenant Jonathan Playbird

Human male, mid 20s

  • Platoon commander, GDF Marines, Alpha Company of the 20th Battalion (Hellwakers)
  • Adopted son of Carlos Delong


General Sej Saci

Human (Cho’dai) female, early 40s

  • Commanding officer of the Stormtrooper divisions attached to BG-43.
  • The (primarily Cho’dai) survivors of General Chin Takashi’s division act as cadre
  • Was a company commander under General Takashi


Admiral Karen Wood

human female, mid-40s

  • Commanding officer of the AFFC and officer in charge of Wayfarer station.
  • Wife of Jeff Sparks.
  • Born on Commenor; her family has a tradition of military service. She joined the Rebellion after Derra IV.
  • Former captain of the Imladris.


Vice Admiral Raize Yeven

Human male, late 40s

  • Executive Officer, Imperial 43rd Battle Group
  • Flagship, ISDII Abaddon


Minor, cameo, and background characters

These characters often play a role in another character’s history and will occassionally come up in person in a post. Most times, however, they are mentioned only and never truly seen. Very rarely, they will appear as the focus of their own posts.

Lieutenant Commander Mara Amber-Dargan

human female, mid 40s

  • NRI agent assigned to the Silent Prayer and attached to Sector 27.
  • Wife of Commander Izra Dargan. They have at least one son, Damon Mikhail, currently attending university at Conceli VIII and studying aeronautics theory and communications.
  • Served as SO of the original Ice Squadron under Kingston Taylor. She was recruited into Intelligence shortly after joining the Rebellion. Previously, she had worked in Mikhail Bridger’s tavern in Coronet City on Corellia.


Major Stephen Baron

human male, early 40s

  • Former member of the Coruscant Police during the Galactic Civil War. Stephen Baron left their employ shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine and was recruited into New Republic Intelligence. During his tenure with the Coruscant PD, he had an unfortunate encounter with Slate Bridger, an encounter during which he nearly wiped out Bridger’s Rebel cell on the planet. Bridger held a grudge for years following the experience.
  • Stephen was assigned to the Aurora Force as NRI oversight for the unit. He was later nominally replaced by Tag Rendar, Jaq Pellman, and Karrially Darjinn. He was reassigned elsewhere and contact between him and the unit ceased except for the occassional personal communication between himself and his friends that he left behind. Several years after this reassignment, all communication from him to his friends in the unit ceased.


Lieutenant Colonel Alta Darklighter Bel Iblis

human female, early 40s

  • (Presumed) Deceased wife of Derik Bel Iblis; mother of Loren and Aurora Bel Iblis and adopted mother of Cay Bel Iblis.
  • Alta had been a member of the New Republic Military and the Aurora Force prior to her retirement. It was through this service that she met and married Derik. She was a friend to Aurora Force commanding officer Indiana Bridger and NRI agent Tag Rendar.
  • Prior to her retirement, Alta commanded a starfighter squadron as well as flying with the revived Grey Squadron in their fourth tour of duty.


Captain Trystan Kel-Solan

human male, late 30s

  • Corellian and former member of the New Republic military. Trystan resigned his commission shortly after the fall of Coruscant and went freelance.
  • Has a twin brother, Jarod.
  • Trystan is the father of two sons by Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan, Trystan Chase Kel-Solan and Mackenzie Kel-Solan.
  • Trystan has a penchant for getting into trouble, but often gets himself of it again. The few times he has failed to get himself out, he often found himself bailed out by various friends, including his brother Jarod, William Canton, and Karinlyyn.
  • He suffers from a form of Coleric’s Syndrome, which has been well-controlled for the past seventeen years. Indiana Bridger and Istil Corna are his doctors of record.


Joel Lance

human male, early 40s

  • Cousin of Amanda Lance.
  • Served with Indiana Bridger in Phoenix Squadron, a starfighter unit.


Lieutenant Commander Piper Athanasios Taleisin

human female, mid 40s

  • Communications technician with the AFFC and wife of Dashan deck chief Jeffrey Taleisin. She has one daughter with her husband, Sanjaya (Jaya), comes from the same (classified) sector of space, and adheres to the same Force tradition as he does.
  • Piper is a member of the original Ice Squadron as formed during the Galactic Civil War under the command of Kingston Taylor.




Lieutenant Commander Infinity Bridger Taleisin

human female, mid-60s

  • Great-aunt of Admiral Indiana Bridger, General Slate Bridger, Colonel Nylan Bridger, and Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan; wife of New Republic officer and Jedi Master Ulic Taleisin, a starfighter pilot.
  • Infinity was the XO of the original Ice Squadron under Kingston Taylor. A veteran of the Clone Wars, she was the oldest member of the unit.
  • Infinity is the younger sister of Hadrian Bridger, who fathered Davil and Mikhail Bridger, the twins who would go on to sire four children themselves–Slate, Nylan, Indiana, and Karinlyyn. She was born on Corellia eighteen years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. She flew as part of the Corellian defense forces during the war and trained as a Jedi under Ulic until his presumed death during the conflict. Her brother completed her training.
  • She currently resides on Corellia with her four children, Mikhail, Alyra, Edan, and Mora. Also residing with her are Caitlin and Innis Bullian, who are attending medical school on Corellia. The family resides in Coronet City, not far from the CorSec neighborhood where most of her great-neices and nephews grew up.
  • Infinity retired from active service shortly after the end of the Galactic Civil War. Her husband continued to serve until recently.
  • She is often referred to as “Bubbles,” her calsign from her days as a pilot with the Corellian military. She wears the Bloodstripes.
  • She is the subject of a “rite of passage” video shown to most recruits to Starfighter Command. The video is rated R for nudity and was made shortly after the Battle of Yavin.Infinity Bridger, circa 0ABY (artwork by Kristie Good)

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