Vong War – Dramatis Personae

The invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, beginning in 26ABY, would have shattering consequences for the New Republic and the galaxy as a whole. The Kartuiin Sector, home of the Aurora Force, is no exception. The Vong first hit in the early months of the year, betrayed by one of their own, a former officer from their ranks, Alexander Kerensky, now called Demios.

The peace the unit had fought long and hard for, a peace that was to be a legacy to the children of the Aurora Force, was shattered.

Roster for the Vong War storyline

Tegan Dargan-Cannele, Governor of the Kartuiin Sector – human female, mid-30s

Admiral Indiana Bridger, Commander of New Republic Forces in the Kartuiin Sector – human female, late 30s

Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Commander of Special Task Force 3 in the Cadrel Expanse – human male, mid-70s

General Garan-Dur, Chief Military Advisor to the Governor – Zabrak male, approximate age unknown

Colonel Alek Cannele, Chief of New Republic Intelligence for Sector 27 – human male, mid-30s

General Kirghy Lommax, New Republic Military – human male

General Slate Bridger, Commander of ground operations, Aurora Force – human male, early 40s

Colonel Nylan Bridger, Commander of Shay Memorial Military Base, Xenen – human male, late 30s

General Kingston Taylor-Drake, Commander of starfighter operations, Aurora Force – human female, early 40s

Admiral Karen Wood, Commander of Aurora Force Naval Forces – human female, mid 40s

General Carlos Delong, Commander of Golgan Defense Forces – human male, early 40s

Admiral Michael Bullian, Commander of New Republic Sixth Fleet – human male, early 40s

General Tag Rendar, New Republic Intelligence, Sector 27 – human female, late 30s

Captain Cay Bel Iblis, Captain of the Legacy – human male, early 20s

Commander Dorrin Taylor Drake, XO of the Legacy – human male, late teens

General Jeff Sparks, AFFC – human male, mid-40s

Andrew Astoris, Purported captain of the Amethyst – human male, late teens

Lieutenant Davil Bullian, Chief Engineer of the Legacy – human male, late teens

Jinx Katarn, Jedi Master – human male, late 50s (deceased)

Captain Mark Wyler – human male, early 60s

General Janet Skyy Wyler, New Republic Military (reactivated) – human female

Captain Trevvik Wyler, Aurora Force (retired) – human male, mid-50s

Les Wyler, Jedi Knight/padawan to Tag Rendar – human male, mid teens

Asya Wyler – human female, early teens

Jack “Blazer” Barnes, Chief of paramedical training for New Republic Forces, Kartuiin Sector – human male

Alextravia Grentarii – …something male

Colonel Rameth, Commander of Ice Squadron, Aurora Force – Devorian male

Captain Corsem Losoda, Commander of Eagle Squadron, Aurora Force – human male, late teens

Lieutenant Mary Bullian, XO of Eagle Squadron, Aurora Force – human female, late teens

Lieutenant Allyson Drake, Wayfarer Station Security – human female, late teens

Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan – human female, mid-30s

Lieutenant Trystan “Chase” Kel-Solan, New Republic Medical Corps – human male, late teens

Mackenzie “Slider” Kel-Solan – human male, late teens

Chance Kel-Solan – human female, mid teens

Destiny Kel-Solan – human female, mid teens

General Derik Bel Iblis, Commander of Aurora Force fourth fleet – human male, early 70s

Commander Robert Drake, Commanding officer of Tempest Control – human male, mid 40s

Lieutenant JG Molly Losoda, New Republic Intelligence liaison aboard Legacy – human female, mid-late teens

Trosa Aldair, New Republic Military (ret.) – human male, late 30s

Amanda Lance, New Republic Military (ret.) – human female, late 30s

Robert DeLong, Guardian – human male, early 40s

Talia DeLong, Guardian – human female, early 40s

Cameron DeLong, Guardian – human male, mid-teens

Matthew DeLong, Guardian – human male, early teens

Jaq Losoda – human male, early teens

William Scarlett, Governor of Conceli VIII – human male, mid-30s

Major Robyn Hoode-Scarlett, New Republic Military – human female, mid-30s

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