This is a rough timeline for the events of the Aurora Force, to be filled in as we get time and get an idea of when things happened.  The chronology may have errors here and there, and for that, we apologize.  Pardon the dust, it is a work in progress.

The Battle of Yavin for this timeline is considered year zero.


Circa -2545 ~ The Aldair clan, one of the leading Jedi lines of Corellia, leaves Corellia and joins the Jedi Council at Coruscant.

-2500 to -2498 ~ Aurora Force “Distant Past” Storyline.  Formation of the Defender Bladesmen.

Circa -2498 ~ Paul Delong leaves the Guardians.  Karinlyyn Rendar leaves the Jedi Order and goes into hiding.  Both subsequently fake their deaths and relocate to Corellia, finding protection within the clan of Corellian Jedi leader Anthony Bridger.

-2430 ~ A segment of the Rendar family relocates from Coruscant to Corellia and joins the Jedi families there, eventually replacing the Aldair clan as the fourth element of the Corellian “Quartet” of Jedi families.

-222 ~ The Guardian Order cuts ties with the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

-50 ~ Quinlin and Quinn Rendar and Hadrian Bridger born on Corellia.

-45 ~ Ulic Taleisin born on Corellia.

-44 ~ Timothy Delong, Jaq Pellman, and Thomas Bullian born on Lynne.

-40 ~ Infinity Bridger born on Corellia.

-38 ~ Amanda Pellman born on Lynne.

-32 ~ Corsem Rendar born on Corellia.

-31 ~ Davil and Mikhail Bridger born on Corellia.

-28 ~ Izra Dargan born on Alderaan.

-21.9 ~ Timothy Delong and Amanda Pellman marry on Lynne.

-22 ~ The Clone Wars begin.

-20 ~ Robert Delong born on Lynne.

-19 ~ Kingston Taylor born on Commenor.  Clone Wars end.  Palpatine declares himeslf Emperor.  Jedi Purge begins.  Guardian Order and allies undertake small acts of resistance.

-18 ~ Slate Bridger born on Corellia.

-15 ~ Robert Drake born.

-13 ~ Nylan Bridger, Tag Rendar, and Indiana Bridger born on Corellia.

-11 ~ Tegan Dargan born on Alderaan.  Karinlyyn Bridger born on Corellia.

-10 ~ William Scarlett born on Conceli VIII.

-9 ~ Robyn Hoode born on Coruscant.

-4 ~ Corellian Security officers Corsem and Mera Rendar killed.  Thomas Bullian disappears.  Fallen Jedi Mikhail Bridger begins training Nylan Bridger and Tag Rendar in the Corellian Jedi tradition.

-1.5 ~ Corellian Treaty signed, forming the Alliance to Restore the Republic.  Tag Rendar begins quietly working as a courier for the Rebel Alliance, despite her youth.

-1 ~ Izra Dargan joins the Alliance on Coruscant.

-0.5 ~ Tag Rendar and Nylan Bridger flee Corellia with Mara Amber, Sony Samsung, and others who form the core of the original Ice Squadron.  They join up with the Rebellion at Yavin IV.

-0.2 ~ Green Squadron commissioned under the command of Lieutenant Kingston Taylor.  Fallen Corellian Jedi Knight Infinity Bridger is her XO.

0 ~ Battle of Yavin. Tag Rendar recruited into Red Squadron.  Nylan Bridger recruited into Alliance Procurement and Supply.  Amber and Samsung join the newly renamed Ice Squadron under Kingston Taylor and Infinity Bridger.  Slate Bridger leaves Corellia and CorSec to join the Rebel Alliance, ending up leading a cell on Coruscant.  Law student and senatorial aide Lachlan Hoode sends his wife, Corde, and two children back to Conceli VIII while he remains on Coruscant.

0.1 ~ Lachlan Hoode joins the Alliance on Coruscant.  He works with Slate Bridger’s cell as a sniper.

0.5 ~ Ice Squadron dispatched to Coruscant on a spy mission.

0.9 ~ Ice Squadron dispatched to Contruum to make contact with Cracken’s Crew.  First contact between the Alliance and individuals from the isolationist Kolton Star Cluster.

1 ~ Jaq Pellman and Tag Rendar begin working together for Alliance intelligence.

1.7 ~ Alek Shaner (Cannele) is taken into Alliance custody and reunited with his mother and sister.  He later becomes an agent for Alliance/New Republic Intelligence.

3 ~ Battle of Hoth. 

4 ~ Battle of Endor.  Mikhail, Alyra, Edan, and Mora Taleisin are born aboard the Home One, the children of Infinity Bridger and Ulic Taleisin.  Lachlan Hoode returns to Conceli VIII.

4.1 ~ Battle of Bakura.  Eight days after the Truce, Kingston Taylor disappears while on a scouting mission.  Ice Squadron is decommissioned and its personnel reassigned.  Silent Prayer initiative begun and officially disavowed.

5 ~ Captain Davil Bridger, a detective with Corellian Security, is killed.

5.5 ~ Detective Indiana Bridger, CorSec, leaves Corellia and joins the New Republic military.

5.5 ~ The Aurora Force formed under Torin Qel-Droma as a strike force within the Rebel Squadrons.  Lantare mission.  Cay bel Iblis born.

5.7 ~ Mission to Lycoss II.  Rachel Delong located at Lycoss II.  Indiana Bridger marries Michael Bullian.

6.2 ~ Davil, Arilyn, Mary, and Michael Bullian Jr. are born aboard the Imladris.

6.4 ~ Corsem Losoda born aboard the VSD Echo.

6.5 ~ Darth Ispa kidnaps Davil Bullian and almost kills Carlos Delong in the attempt.  The infant is later rescued.

6.6 ~ Caraban incident.  Carlos Delong temporarily captured by Darth Ispa (Thomas Bullian) after entrusting his ring to Indiana Bridger.  Kingston Taylor reunites with Robert Drake.  Trystan Chase Kel-Solan born.  Kingston Taylor marries Robert Drake.  Ice Squadron reformed.

Sometime after 6.9 but before 7.5 ~ Carlos Delong rescued from Darth Ispa.

6.9 ~ Aurora Force operations shift from the Minos Cluster to the Kartuiin Sector following a mysterious message comes from the Imperial governor of the sector, Tegan Dargan.  Innis and Caitlin Bullian born aboard the ISD-II Dashan.

7.1 ~ Xenen falls to the New Republic.

7.5 ~ Dorrin and Alyson Drake born on Xenen.

7.7 ~ Mackenzie Kel-Solan born on Xenen.  Molly and Linda Losoda born aboard the VSD Echo.

9 ~ Grand Admiral Thrawn reemerges. Ketaris mission.  Walex Partija tried for treason.  Walex Partija dies. Xander Drake born on Xenen.  Chance and Destiny Kel-Solan born on Xenen.

9.2 ~ Lamin Zykara killed.

10.2 ~ Marcus Leslye Wyler (Les) born on Xenen.

Circa 11 ~ Kartuiin Sector falls to the New Republic.  Tiras Variner killed.  Jaq Pellman killed.

Circa 11.9 ~ Jaq Losoda born.

Sometime after11 ~ Carlos Delong retires from the New Republic Military.  Robert Drake discharged from the New Republic Military.  Various members of the Aurora Force resign or retire.  Howie Harm presumed killed.

13 ~ Asya Wyler born on Xenen.

Sometime after 13 ~ Janet Skyy retires to Atad.

23 ~ Tegan Dargan-Cannelle reelected as governor of the Kartuiin Sector.

24 ~ Davil Bullian almost court martialed for assault.  He is instead reassigned from New Republic Military R&D back to the Kartuiin Sector thanks to the intervention of multiple parties, including Garm bel Iblis, Senator Liam Bastra, and Admiral Michael Bullian.

24.9 ~ Trade summit at Xenen between Namis, Golgan III, and various worlds of the Kartuiin Sector, presided over by Governor Tegan Dargan-Cannelle.

25.1 ~ Third Battle of Xenen, unnamed engagement between GDF forces and Deimos (Alexander Kerensky).  Frost’s Rebellion (failed).  Bianca Frost arrested.  Robert Drake reinstated to service with full rights and privileges and promoted to Commander.

25.2 ~ Battle of Datooine.  Jinx Katarn killed. Janet Skyy becomes XO of the Aurora Force.

The Battle of Aten-Re (Golgan Defense Force with some Aurora Force support vs. the Vong) is currently taking place.  Ithor is roughly a week or so away, if not less.

25.3 – Battle of Ithor.

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