Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan

Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan is a special agent attached to Sector 27, though she is largely retired to her home on Xenen, having dedicated herself for the last ten years to raising her children.



Born nine years before the Battle of Yavin, Karinlyyn is the younger child of Mikhail and Nadia Bridger, the baby sister of Nylan Bridger. At the age of three, Karinlyyn disappeared from Corellia with her mother, a scientist studying wormholes and related phenomena. She reappeared several years after the Battle of Endor as a young woman, clearly with extensive military and intelligence training. Soon after, she entered an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Trystan Kel-Solan, who fathered both of her sons, Trystan Chase and Mackenzie. She eventually married Kel-Solan’s twin, Jarod, with whom she had twin daughters. She resides on Xenen, near the rest of her family and Shay Military Base.


Physical description

Karinlyyn is a lean, athletic woman in her mid thirties with dark blonde hair and gray-green eyes. She stands approximately 5’6.5″ and is known for the speed of her reaction to physical threats, which has been honed to a fine edge over the years.

Service record

Her service with New Republic Intelligence has largely been a classified affair, though some of her projects are known to elements of the Aurora Force. Among these projects is the running R&D operation aboard the Silent Prayer, which she continues to monitor. The coordinator of the projects there, Sony Samsung, answers directly to her.

Her psychic abilities seem to go beyond the Force; she has been utilized in the past to aid in the questioning of individuals resistant to the Force.

Karinlyyn is also openly a member of the Auyn and is the only Warmistress extant in the order at this time. It is unknown who, exactly, her students have been, though her fighting style has been inherited by several indviduals over the years, including her cousin, Arilyn Bullian.


Warmistress’ Wisdom

Sayings of the Auyun warmistress

“I have never believed that death is something we should go quietly into. When death comes to take me, I’m going to be fighting it, and go out kicking and screaming.”

“Sometimes what you want to do and what you have to do are different. Sometimes, they’re the same without you even realizing it. Either way, what’s more important? Yeah. That’s what I thought you’d say. Either way, you’re wrong.”

“They tell me I have a bad attitude. Sometimes, a bad attitude is the only thing that’ll get the job done. Sometimes you have to walk on some people. Sometimes you have to do things they don’t like. So remember, kids—sometimes, you need vinegar more than honey.”

“I’ve spent more than half my life dealing with unknowns—it’s a staple of existence for a lot of people who’ve been in this line of work. The trick of it is this—you can’t let those unknowns get the better of you. That’s the key. Watch, learn, and above all, maintain an upper hand. Always. Of course, the biggest trick of all is making sure that the upper hand doesn’t have its way with you.”

“One thing that keeps you alive is the realization that nothing—nothing—is ever exactly as it appears to be.”

“We are far, far more than the sum of our experiences. We are the sum total of the impact of the experiences of our teachers, our leaders, our parents and friends, of the trials we’ve lived through and the bottomless well of emotions we all feel.”


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