Asya Wyler

Asya Layan Wyler

Rank: Civilian

Species: Human female

Homeworld: Atad

Age: 12

Height: 5’5″

Build: Average

Hair color: Light brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Green

Relatives: Daughter of Mark and Janet Wyler; an older brother, Les Wyler; an uncle, Trevvik Wyler

Skills: flying, taking holovids with her cam

Asya was very young when Janet retired from the New Republic Military and the family moved to her home planet Atad. Atad is a peaceful and isolationist planet, with never so much as a voice in the Galactic Senate. For as long as she could remember, she’d been bored with life and wondered if she should have been born in a different time, when adventure and danger at every turn was the rule. She idolized her father, who she had wrapped around her little finger, and would never say no when she wanted to go for a thrill ride in the Stormcrow. Her mother, for some reason, got the blame for the galaxy settling into such an unexciting state, and cringed every time she was told she ought be glad the war was over and the Empire dissolved. They often butted heads though neither of them fully understood why.

Her favorite hobby was taking holovids. She was so delighted with a gift of a cam for her birthday that she went all over the estate, taking holos of everything and everyone. The cam went with her to Xenen, a trip she was very excited about as, being too young to remember it when they left, she’d heard so much about the planet and Shay Memorial and the people they’d meet there. She videoed and interviewed until Les was quite annoyed with her. Her only regret was that she couldn’t get in a few hours more; she wanted to be able to remember it all, watching every bit of it once they got back to their boring life on Atad. Her fortunes changed when something jumped out of the stars just as they were about to hype for home, and it was time for battle stations, for real, for the first time ever. A real live war, and they were thrown right into the middle of it. It was too bad, that even with the skill of her father at the controls, they were forced to set the ship back down on Xenen, but at least they’d be there for awhile, with the ship damaged as it was, and she’d get a chance to get holos of the battle as it happened. She was proud to find that she did so well that folks at Intel were interested in the footage she took. But it was footage of a different kind that would spell out her doom. Being sent back to Atad with an important message of warning for her people, she and her uncle were unfortunate enough to happen across the Vong and were attacked. She’d left the cam running when they broke into the ship and speared her and dragged her body away. Her last act, confirmed by the holo that Janet forced herself to watch, was to successfully send on to her people the message that she would be incapable of presenting in person.


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