Trevvik Wyler

Trevvik Wyler

Rank: Civilian, pirate. Former Captain with the Aurora Force

Homeworld: Alderaan

Age: 50’s

Younger brother of Mark Wyler.

Trevvik was a rebel from an early age, his restless nature causing trouble in the family until he ran away with unsavory characters at the age of 15. During an ill-fated smuggling run, pirates attacked the spice traders he’d taken up with, and he ended up joining the pirates. He led a rough and tumultuous life for many years, until bounty hunters finally caught up with them and he and the surviving members of his band were thrown into Limbkatar, a prison hell where the worst of creatures were abandoned to rot. It was in this horrible place that, in addition to developing claustrophobia that would plague him for the rest of his days, he came to realize that he’d made a mess of his life and hoped to steal a second chance. Proving that no prison could hold him, he banded with other inmates and staged a successful escape. Once he’d reacquired his Firespray “Malady,” he searched out his brother, Mark Wyler, who he thought might guide him to better paths. Bitter over Trevvik’s past disregard for his family, among other things, he was reluctant to accept him back for a very long time. In the mean time, he threw in his lot with the AF, turning his loyalty to a “neurotic, rule obsessed, and unpleasant” commander in the AF, Alex Grentarii, dubbing him “Cap.” Eventually settled in with the AF and was given a commission.

Even after most of his friends and family had retired following the fall of the Empire, Trevvik remained in the New Republic Military, mainly to stay out of trouble, though trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went. He lost his mentor and best friend Alex when a Dark Jedi named Amanda Lance killed him, yet he pressed on, knowing not what else to do.

Shortly before the Vong’s initial attack, Alex resurfaced, back from the dead – and so did Amanda. Alex was much changed, as was Amanda – yet Trevvik still hated her, until Alex told him to let it go, that things were different now. In fact, Alex and Amanda were soon engaged. In spite of having his best friend back from the dead, he felt more alone than ever.

Bringing his nephew back to Xenen for his final training and trials before becoming a Jedi Knight, he remembered the companionship of family, which was, he felt, all he had left. Then Mark, Jan, and Asya returned to Xenen after a long absence, and he felt more at home than ever. In spite of the judgment he still saw in his brother’s eyes, he dreaded the day when they would all leave to go home, maybe for good. He gave a thought to retiring, himself. Then, out of the blue, the Vong entered the picture, turning lives everywhere upside down. They hit hard then faded back, the promise of more to come lingering in the air.

When it was decided that Asya should be sent home to deliver a message to their people of the impending danger (and put her up in a place of safety until it could be decided what as a family they would do), Trevvik offered to transport her in the Malady, as the Stormcrow sustained damage during the battle that essentially grounded her. Along the way they were sucked out of hyperspace as they happened upon a Vong force, the sudden stop throwing Trevvik off his feet. When he came to, Asya was on her own, trying to pilot a craft that was nearly disabled. He hid her away and fought with the hideous beings that dared enter his ship, killing one, but being bitten on the arm by one of their amphistaffs, faded from consciousness. When he came to, he was adrift, and very ill. With all the strength he could muster, he reached up and punched the panic button, which automatically sent him back to Xenen. In the end, he kept his life but lost his arm, and learned that Asya was gone. He didn’t know what was worse, his own grief and guilt, or the daggers shot at him through his own brother’s eyes. But grief and guilt he never hung on to for long – he’d learned to let go of such weighty things a long time ago. Yet he couldn’t bear his brother’s accusation. Like replacing the lost Raven with the Stormcrow, he wanted to find some way of making it up to him, but a life is a hard thing to replace. Alex stood between them and tried to bridge their differences, but the gulf had grown too wide. This hurt Trevvik so badly that when Mark began to come around, Trevvik rejected his pleas of reconciliation. Though this drove Mark deeper into despair, Trevvik turned his back, until he witnessed him one day try to bury the Stormcrow full speed into the drink. With his help he got him out of that situation, and there was good blood between them for the first time since either of them could remember. But it was too late to convince Alex, who had had it with the both of them, throwing up his hands and taking off for places unknown.

Taken by the urge to seek revenge for both Asya and the loss of his arm, Trevvik joined forces, at the invitation of some of his old cronies, with a newly formed band of former pirates and roughians, likeminded in their purpose of hunting the Vong. Turning in his resignation to Janet Wyler, he bid her and his brother a fond farewell, and left to undertake his new occupation.


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