Janet Skyy Wyler

Janet Skyy, around the beginning of the Vong War. Art by Josh Parker.

Rank: General

Homeworld: Atad

Age: 50

Wife of Mark Wyler; mother of Les Wyler and Asya Wyler.

Janet was only an infant when her mother was taken by a plague that decimated the population of her home planet – a plague that mysteriously coincided with an Imperial takeover of the world shortly thereafter. Thus she was raised solely by her father in a solitary existence, until running away as a teen to join the local Imperial force in hopes of ‘seeing the galaxy.’ Exhibiting an exceptional natural talent for marksmanship and possessing a steadiness in both head and hand, she ended up training as a sniper for the Imperial Special Forces. It was when she was ordered to eliminate a native government official of her homeworld, someone she knew to be a good man and effective leader of her people, that she began to reevaluate her father’s reservations about the Imperial presence on their world and question her own loyalties. When she refused and deserted, her father was arrested. He was executed before she could effect his rescue. From then on it was her quest to make the Empire pay at every available opportunity. This led her to defect to the Rebel cause, where she eventually came to lead the Katarn Commandos in the RSCD.

Janet served for several years as commander of Eclipse Wing in the Aurora Force following her stint with the Katarn Commandos. It was during those years that she fell in love with Mark Wyler, her pilot from way back in the early days of the Katarns. They married and had two children, a son and daughter, Les and Asya.

After the New Republic’s victory against the Empire, the Wylers retired to the peace of her home planet Atad. They did little traveling in the years leading up to the Vong war, save for Les, who was shuttled back and forth by Mark’s brother Trevvik Wyler, to Xenen for his Jedi training with Jinx Katarn. The family was on a rare outing to Xenen to attend Les’ knighting ceremony when the Vong initiated their attack on the galaxy. Again swept into a war, Janet was anxious to get back into uniform and face headon this new threat to the peace and security that had been so hard won. But Mark was reluctant, regretting the passing of their lives of quiet and serenity, and feeling that his better days had passed. So Janet waited, allowing Mark the time to come to the realization that there really was no other choice. In the mean time, it was decided that Asya should go back home bearing a message for the reclusive Atadians of the new danger facing the galaxy, admonishing them to prepare for the worst. Trevvik took the task of her transport upon himself, but there was trouble along the way. He returned alone, badly wounded, his ship barely holding together. Asya’s cam was recovered, revealing the awful truth: they’d been attacked by the Vong, Asya killed and carried away. Devastated, Mark tossed all his reservations and not only agreed to Janet’s reenlistment, but accepted a commission for himself as well.


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