Davil Bullian

Lieutenant Davil Bullian is chief engineer aboard the Legacy.


Davil was born two and a half years after the Battle of Endor, the oldest son of Michael Bullian and Indiana Bridger. He was born at the same time as sisters Arilyn and Mary and brother, Michael. He was raised largely on Xenen, coming up through local schools. He displayed very early on a talent for engineering, potentially inherited from his father. He joined the New Republic military when he was of age to do so and was brought very quickly into Research and Development.


Physical description

With black hair and green eyes with remarkable gold flecking, Davil stands approximately 5’7″ and is of a somewhat slight build. By all accounts, he is stronger than his wiry frame would indicate.


Service Record

Davil’s first assignment was to Coruscant as a newly minted lieutenant junior grade, to the main office of New Republic R&D. The various projects that received Davil’s touch were generally fast-tracked. Even as his professional career began to blossom and he won the admiration and respect of fellow officers for his work, Davil’s personal life–duly linked to his career–began to take a downturn. Exposed for the first time to some disturbing information about his father’s extracurricular activities, Davil felt compelled to defend the honor of his mother, by this time a full admiral and the commanding officer of New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector. Davil was involved in several altercations during his time on Coruscant, the last and most brutal of which resulted in the hospitalization of the son of Senator Damon Lassiter of Ylesia. This resulted in timely reassignment of both parties off-world; the senator’s son to the command of Garm Bel Iblis, Davil to the Aurora Force, where he was assigned to the position of chief engineer aboard the Legacy.


Personal life

With the exception of his younger sister, Arilyn, Davil is potentially the most intensely private scion of the Bullian-Bridger union. All his life, he has been a quiet, withdrawn boy, given more to studying and tinkering than socializing. Part of this may be due to the hand of Nylan Bridger, the young Corellian Jedi who trained Davil in the ways of the Force. Figures such as Ulic and Jeffrey Taliesin also played a role in Davil’s training.

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