Indiana Bridger

Indiana Bridger, around the beginning of the Vong War. Art by Josh Parker.

Indiana Bridger is the commanding officer of New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector and nominal commander of the Aurora Force for the past nineteen years.


Indiana Bridger is a decorated veteran of the now-defunct Corellian Security Force and still holds the rank of Detective. She joined the Aurora Force after the death of her parents, being the last Bridger to leave Corellia since the Galactic Civil War began. She has one brother, Slate, and three cousins, Nylan Bridger, Karinlyyn Bridger, and Tag Rendar.

Indy joined the Aurora Force in its infancy and inside its first year of operations had become the commanding officer of the unit. She is approximately thirty-eight standard years old and stands 5’7″ with green eyes and short brown hair. Her permanent residence is on Xenen, in the Kartuiin Sector, and she holds an MD earned at Xenen University Medical School. Her ultimate rank is Admiral and she is the highest ranking military officer stationed in the Kartuiin Sector.

Brief Biography (up to 9 years ABY)

Born the daughter of Corellian Security officer Davil Bridger and his wife, Renegade Kaslin, Indiana Renegade Bridger was the younger of two children. She and her elder brother, Slate Bridger, grew up ignorant of their rich heritage in the Force, knowing only that their grandmother and grandfather had served with distinction in the Clone Wars. She was born and raised in a quiet neighborhood in Coronet City, not far from the precinct where her father started his CorSec career. Both of the Bridger children seemed poised to enter the “family business” of working for Corellian Security up until the death of Alderaan, when her brother disappeared abruptly. It would later be learned that he had run away and joined the Rebellion.

Indy remained on Corellia, following her father into the Corellian Security Force. During her secondary education, her abilities as a slicer became known to CorSec, landing her early entry into the police force as an analyst. She spent several years as a counterterrorism specialist with CorSec before she started to do field operations, often working with her father. She rose to the rank of detective before she left the service, shortly before CorSec was converted into the Public Safety Service.

Shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine, Bridger’s parents were killed–her father in service to Corellian Security; her mother as an unintended casualty of Davil Bridger’s work. Suddenly alone and unprepared for it, Indiana found herself lost and confused. Shortly before his death, her father had revealed to her the true history of her family: she was the granddaughter of two old Jedi lines, and their legacy lived in her. It had never been intended that she would have to deal with this new knowledge alone.

Within six months of her parents’ deaths, Indiana Bridger was recruited into the New Republic Military by childhood friend and cousin Tag Rendar, an agent with New Republic Intelligence. Indiana was assigned to the fledgling Aurora Force under Torin Qel-Droma. Her service began at Lantare, a somewhat disasterous operation that saw the death of the unit’s medic, Carilla Shay, and the near-death of several others, including Stephen Baron. It was also on this mission that she met her future husband, Michael Bullian, a pilot with a knack for getting himself into sticky situations (and often out again). They would marry shortly after this first mission after a brief courtship and go on to have a large family.

Indiana quickly rose through the ranks of the Aurora Force and inside of a year had become the executive officer and later the commanding officer of the unit. She remains in that position currently, though the unit has expanded greatly. She is the only officer of the early command staff still in service to the unit (in some cases, to the New Republic at large).

For most of her life, Indiana has had a strange relationship with her Force abilities. A gifted Healer, for a long time she refused to train as a Jedi or use her abilities at all. After the birth of her children, however, she realized that it would be important for her to be able to wield the Force properly–if only to protect her family, especially from the machinations of her father-in-law, Thomas Bullian.

As of the Thrawn debacle, Indiana Bridger’s current posting was at Xenen, where Aurora Force was and still is based. She was nominally in command of all New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector, though that had been made official at the time. She commanded the Aurora Force and associated elements and strove to wrest control of the Kartuiin Sector away from the Imperial forces serving under Tiras Variner and Torvin Taylor.

Vong War Era

During the Vong War, Indiana Bridger has been promoted to the commander of all New Republic Forces in the Kartuiin Sector, which is under the political control of the recently elected Tegan Dargan-Cannele. She continues to reside on Xenen, where she has raised her family. Many of her children have entered the New Republic Armed Forces, including sons Davil and Michael Jr. and daughter Mary.

Beyond her military service, Indy trained her cousin’s son, Chase, as a Jedi Healer, and pulls the occasional rotation at the base hospital at Shay. She has won the respect and admiration of those who serve under her command, which is likely why the whispers and rumors about her husband’s infidelities are not spoken among the forces in the Kartuiin Sector.

Shay Memorial remains her seat of command.


In real life, Indy is a graduate student at Oakland University finishing her Masters of Arts in History. She is among the founding members of the Aurora Force.

Indy’s theme: “Admiral and Commander” by Bear McCreary

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