Logan MacKenzie

Logan MacKenzie is the captain of the Seraph’s Wake, an independantly owned HWK-290 transport.

Growing Up Imperial

The only son of Corellian refugees Evan and Katheryn MacKenzie, Logan was born on Imperial-held Coruscant, then called Imperial Center. He was only a child when the riots broke out after the news of Emperor Palpatine’s death, but he distinctly remembers the panic and fear of the Stormtrooper MPs patrolling the public concourses and walkways.

Far more terrifying for young Logan, of course, was the New Republic conquest of the planet. For a decade, Logan had grown up with fearsome images of Rebellion warchiefs, out for the blood of innocent Imperial children. When they finally came, there was tension, and the population was brought almost to the boiling point when the Krytos plague reared its head, but the New Republic was here to stay.

Family Business

Evan MacKenzie, a cargo hauler for Xizor Transport Systems, often took Logan along on runs, instilling in him a love of flying and a home in the open skies. When XTS was disincorporated after Xizor’s death, Evan tried to start up his own shipping company, suggesting that Logan be his first mate and copilot – but only after his education was finished. After his preliminary schooling was over, Logan attended the Corulag University of Economics, double-majoring in Logistics Operations and Business Management. Shortly before graduating, however, buildings across Coruscant were bombed – sabotaged droids had detonated across the planet – and the MacKenzie domicile was in one of the complexes affected. Evan and Katheryn had survived the attack, but Evan had been caught under wreckage and crippled.

Logan received his degrees, and returned home to plan for his future.

Into the Black

After searching the shipyards and salvageyard skyhooks above Coruscant, Logan came across a run-down old HWK-290 transport. Something Corellian in his blood made a connection to the ship, and he purchased it and hauled it off to a public garage where he could restore the freighter. Spending a year making it space-worthy, Logan updated its computer systems and acquired a weapons permit, so that he could refit the Hawk with a pair of laser cannons, the legal limit for a private citizen and a ship of that classification. With a final coat of blue paint, the newly-restored Seraph’s Wake made its first trip, taking his parents shopping on Corellia.

Business was stable enough for him to live off of for the next few years, but it wasn’t until the Gavrisom-Pellaeon Truce that things started picking up. There were plenty of opportunities for shipping contracts in Imperial space, and while his pool of New Republic affiliated clients started shrinking, he started taking a lot more business back and forth between the Republic and the Imperial Remnant.

The Yuuzhan Vong

Because of the time he spent Rimwards, he didn’t have much opportunity to jack into New Republic news feeds. Unfortunately, this left him with almost no warning when a lone transport-analog pulled the Seraph’s Wake out of hyperspace and started taking out its systems, one by one. Logan’s first mate Jer, a Gotal, was trying to modulate the engines when one of them went critical, incinerating him. Logan was able to detonate his cargo, confusing the dovin basals holding the Wake long enough to make a blind jump to lightspeed. He reverted not far from Xenen, where he was discovered by an Acclamator-class destroyer – the Five-Star Legacy. Realizing the significance of the attack, the crew of the Legacy returned to Xenen for debriefing.

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