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Logan MacKenzie is the captain of the Seraph’s Wake, an independantly owned HWK-290 transport.

Growing Up Imperial

The only son of Corellian refugees Evan and Katheryn MacKenzie, Logan was born on Imperial-held Coruscant, then called Imperial Center. He was only a child when the riots broke out after the news of Emperor Palpatine’s death, but he distinctly remembers the panic and fear of the Stormtrooper MPs patrolling the public concourses and walkways.

Far more terrifying for young Logan, of course, was the New Republic conquest of the planet. For a decade, Logan had grown up with fearsome images of Rebellion warchiefs, out for the blood of innocent Imperial children. When they finally came, there was tension, and the population was brought almost to the boiling point when the Krytos plague reared its head, but the New Republic was here to stay.

Family Business

Evan MacKenzie, a cargo hauler for Xizor Transport Systems, often took Logan along on runs, instilling in him a love of flying and a home in the open skies. When XTS was disincorporated after Xizor’s death, Evan tried to start up his own shipping company, suggesting that Logan be his first mate and copilot – but only after his education was finished. After his preliminary schooling was over, Logan attended the Corulag University of Economics, double-majoring in Logistics Operations and Business Management. Shortly before graduating, however, buildings across Coruscant were bombed – sabotaged droids had detonated across the planet – and the MacKenzie domicile was in one of the complexes affected. Evan and Katheryn had survived the attack, but Evan had been caught under wreckage and crippled.

Logan received his degrees, and returned home to plan for his future.

Into the Black

After searching the shipyards and salvageyard skyhooks above Coruscant, Logan came across a run-down old HWK-290 transport. Something Corellian in his blood made a connection to the ship, and he purchased it and hauled it off to a public garage where he could restore the freighter. Spending a year making it space-worthy, Logan updated its computer systems and acquired a weapons permit, so that he could refit the Hawk with a pair of laser cannons, the legal limit for a private citizen and a ship of that classification. With a final coat of blue paint, the newly-restored Seraph’s Wake made its first trip, taking his parents shopping on Corellia.

Business was stable enough for him to live off of for the next few years, but it wasn’t until the Gavrisom-Pellaeon Truce that things started picking up. There were plenty of opportunities for shipping contracts in Imperial space, and while his pool of New Republic affiliated clients started shrinking, he started taking a lot more business back and forth between the Republic and the Imperial Remnant.

The Yuuzhan Vong

Because of the time he spent Rimwards, he didn’t have much opportunity to jack into New Republic news feeds. Unfortunately, this left him with almost no warning when a lone transport-analog pulled the Seraph’s Wake out of hyperspace and started taking out its systems, one by one. Logan’s first mate Jer, a Gotal, was trying to modulate the engines when one of them went critical, incinerating him. Logan was able to detonate his cargo, confusing the dovin basals holding the Wake long enough to make a blind jump to lightspeed. He reverted not far from Xenen, where he was discovered by an Acclamator-class destroyer – the Five-Star Legacy. Realizing the significance of the attack, the crew of the Legacy returned to Xenen for debriefing.

Indiana Bridger, around the beginning of the Vong War. Art by Josh Parker.

Indiana Bridger is the commanding officer of New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector and nominal commander of the Aurora Force for the past nineteen years.


Indiana Bridger is a decorated veteran of the now-defunct Corellian Security Force and still holds the rank of Detective. She joined the Aurora Force after the death of her parents, being the last Bridger to leave Corellia since the Galactic Civil War began. She has one brother, Slate, and three cousins, Nylan Bridger, Karinlyyn Bridger, and Tag Rendar.

Indy joined the Aurora Force in its infancy and inside its first year of operations had become the commanding officer of the unit. She is approximately thirty-eight standard years old and stands 5’7″ with green eyes and short brown hair. Her permanent residence is on Xenen, in the Kartuiin Sector, and she holds an MD earned at Xenen University Medical School. Her ultimate rank is Admiral and she is the highest ranking military officer stationed in the Kartuiin Sector.

Brief Biography (up to 9 years ABY)

Born the daughter of Corellian Security officer Davil Bridger and his wife, Renegade Kaslin, Indiana Renegade Bridger was the younger of two children. She and her elder brother, Slate Bridger, grew up ignorant of their rich heritage in the Force, knowing only that their grandmother and grandfather had served with distinction in the Clone Wars. She was born and raised in a quiet neighborhood in Coronet City, not far from the precinct where her father started his CorSec career. Both of the Bridger children seemed poised to enter the “family business” of working for Corellian Security up until the death of Alderaan, when her brother disappeared abruptly. It would later be learned that he had run away and joined the Rebellion.

Indy remained on Corellia, following her father into the Corellian Security Force. During her secondary education, her abilities as a slicer became known to CorSec, landing her early entry into the police force as an analyst. She spent several years as a counterterrorism specialist with CorSec before she started to do field operations, often working with her father. She rose to the rank of detective before she left the service, shortly before CorSec was converted into the Public Safety Service.

Shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine, Bridger’s parents were killed–her father in service to Corellian Security; her mother as an unintended casualty of Davil Bridger’s work. Suddenly alone and unprepared for it, Indiana found herself lost and confused. Shortly before his death, her father had revealed to her the true history of her family: she was the granddaughter of two old Jedi lines, and their legacy lived in her. It had never been intended that she would have to deal with this new knowledge alone.

Within six months of her parents’ deaths, Indiana Bridger was recruited into the New Republic Military by childhood friend and cousin Tag Rendar, an agent with New Republic Intelligence. Indiana was assigned to the fledgling Aurora Force under Torin Qel-Droma. Her service began at Lantare, a somewhat disasterous operation that saw the death of the unit’s medic, Carilla Shay, and the near-death of several others, including Stephen Baron. It was also on this mission that she met her future husband, Michael Bullian, a pilot with a knack for getting himself into sticky situations (and often out again). They would marry shortly after this first mission after a brief courtship and go on to have a large family.

Indiana quickly rose through the ranks of the Aurora Force and inside of a year had become the executive officer and later the commanding officer of the unit. She remains in that position currently, though the unit has expanded greatly. She is the only officer of the early command staff still in service to the unit (in some cases, to the New Republic at large).

For most of her life, Indiana has had a strange relationship with her Force abilities. A gifted Healer, for a long time she refused to train as a Jedi or use her abilities at all. After the birth of her children, however, she realized that it would be important for her to be able to wield the Force properly–if only to protect her family, especially from the machinations of her father-in-law, Thomas Bullian.

As of the Thrawn debacle, Indiana Bridger’s current posting was at Xenen, where Aurora Force was and still is based. She was nominally in command of all New Republic forces in the Kartuiin Sector, though that had been made official at the time. She commanded the Aurora Force and associated elements and strove to wrest control of the Kartuiin Sector away from the Imperial forces serving under Tiras Variner and Torvin Taylor.

Vong War Era

During the Vong War, Indiana Bridger has been promoted to the commander of all New Republic Forces in the Kartuiin Sector, which is under the political control of the recently elected Tegan Dargan-Cannele. She continues to reside on Xenen, where she has raised her family. Many of her children have entered the New Republic Armed Forces, including sons Davil and Michael Jr. and daughter Mary.

Beyond her military service, Indy trained her cousin’s son, Chase, as a Jedi Healer, and pulls the occasional rotation at the base hospital at Shay. She has won the respect and admiration of those who serve under her command, which is likely why the whispers and rumors about her husband’s infidelities are not spoken among the forces in the Kartuiin Sector.

Shay Memorial remains her seat of command.


In real life, Indy is a graduate student at Oakland University finishing her Masters of Arts in History. She is among the founding members of the Aurora Force.

Indy’s theme: “Admiral and Commander” by Bear McCreary

Currently a military advisor to her husband, the governor of Conceli VIII, in earlier days, Robyn was the leader of a resistance movement of political prisoners on Conceli IX, sent there to keep her father, then a senator on Conceli VIII, in line.


Born approximately nine years before the Battle of Yavin, Robyn is the daughter of Lachlan Hoode and his wife, Corde. She was born on Coruscant, not her parents’ homeworld of Conceli VIII, at a time when her father was studying law and working as an aide to Senator Mira Kanteri, who represented the Kartuiin Sector to the Imperial Senate at the time. Lachlan would remain on-planet for another twelve years, though after the dissolution of the Senate he sent his family home, to Conceli VIII.

Up until her fifteenth birthday, Robyn’s life was almost idyllic. She and her younger brother Cardrew attended public schools in Conceli VIII’s capital. Lachlan’s return from Coruscant was followed shortly thereafter by his election to a seat in the Senate of Conceli VIII and his experience soon won him the Speaker’s seat. A bright, energetic girl, Robyn was the apple of her father’s eye; this was no secret to his enemies on the Imperial-held world.

 Lachlan’s tendency to promote the interests of Conceli VIII before those of the Empire made him quite a few powerful enemies, both at home and in the sector at large.  In order to control the maverick, powerful senator, the Empire removed Robyn from her home and her family and sent her to Conceli IX, which the Empire used as a prison for political prisoners and “prisoners of conscience.”

Molly Losoda

Molly is the elder of twin girls born to Dalsuna Losoda and Tag Rendar approximately eight years after the Battle of Yavin. She was recruited at sixteen into New Republic Intelligence and assigned to Sector 27, a region her mother once commanded for Intelligence.



The second child of New Republic officers Dalsuna Losoda and Tag Rendar, Molly was born on Xenen, the location of her mother’s posting at the time. She was raised largely on Xenen in close contact with her extended family including the Bridger clan. Her cousins were more like brothers to her during her youth and this has persisted as they all approach and enter adulthood.

In the wake of the death of her “uncle,” Jaq Pellman, Molly and her siblings witnessed their mother become increasingly withdrawn for a time leading up to the birth of the youngest Losoda, Jaq. The event had a deeper effect on Corsem, Molly’s older brother, than it did on either her or her twin sister, Linda.

Molly earned high marks in school and displays the same Force talents possessed by her parents, though she chooses to use hers rarely, often only in relation to her work.


Physical description

Molly wears her dark brown hair short. She is taller than her mother, standing approximately 5’4″ and has indigo eyes. She has a lean, athletic build suited to fieldwork with Intelligence.


Service Record

Recruited approximately one year before the beginning of conflicts with the Vong, Molly had been assigned to monitor activity of organized crime syndicates in the Kartuiin Sector by Colonel Alek Cannele. Her training for this particular sort of mission came from Carmen Cannele, the Colonel’s sister. Her cover was blown on Wayfarer station and she was extracted by Captain Cay Bel Iblis and Xander Drake. Her cover identity comprimised, Molly was reassigned to liaise aboard the Legacy as their shipboard intelligence officer. This remains her current assignment.


Karinlyyn Bridger Kel-Solan is a special agent attached to Sector 27, though she is largely retired to her home on Xenen, having dedicated herself for the last ten years to raising her children.



Born nine years before the Battle of Yavin, Karinlyyn is the younger child of Mikhail and Nadia Bridger, the baby sister of Nylan Bridger. At the age of three, Karinlyyn disappeared from Corellia with her mother, a scientist studying wormholes and related phenomena. She reappeared several years after the Battle of Endor as a young woman, clearly with extensive military and intelligence training. Soon after, she entered an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Trystan Kel-Solan, who fathered both of her sons, Trystan Chase and Mackenzie. She eventually married Kel-Solan’s twin, Jarod, with whom she had twin daughters. She resides on Xenen, near the rest of her family and Shay Military Base.


Physical description

Karinlyyn is a lean, athletic woman in her mid thirties with dark blonde hair and gray-green eyes. She stands approximately 5’6.5″ and is known for the speed of her reaction to physical threats, which has been honed to a fine edge over the years.

Service record

Her service with New Republic Intelligence has largely been a classified affair, though some of her projects are known to elements of the Aurora Force. Among these projects is the running R&D operation aboard the Silent Prayer, which she continues to monitor. The coordinator of the projects there, Sony Samsung, answers directly to her.

Her psychic abilities seem to go beyond the Force; she has been utilized in the past to aid in the questioning of individuals resistant to the Force.

Karinlyyn is also openly a member of the Auyn and is the only Warmistress extant in the order at this time. It is unknown who, exactly, her students have been, though her fighting style has been inherited by several indviduals over the years, including her cousin, Arilyn Bullian.


Warmistress’ Wisdom

Sayings of the Auyun warmistress

“I have never believed that death is something we should go quietly into. When death comes to take me, I’m going to be fighting it, and go out kicking and screaming.”

“Sometimes what you want to do and what you have to do are different. Sometimes, they’re the same without you even realizing it. Either way, what’s more important? Yeah. That’s what I thought you’d say. Either way, you’re wrong.”

“They tell me I have a bad attitude. Sometimes, a bad attitude is the only thing that’ll get the job done. Sometimes you have to walk on some people. Sometimes you have to do things they don’t like. So remember, kids—sometimes, you need vinegar more than honey.”

“I’ve spent more than half my life dealing with unknowns—it’s a staple of existence for a lot of people who’ve been in this line of work. The trick of it is this—you can’t let those unknowns get the better of you. That’s the key. Watch, learn, and above all, maintain an upper hand. Always. Of course, the biggest trick of all is making sure that the upper hand doesn’t have its way with you.”

“One thing that keeps you alive is the realization that nothing—nothing—is ever exactly as it appears to be.”

“We are far, far more than the sum of our experiences. We are the sum total of the impact of the experiences of our teachers, our leaders, our parents and friends, of the trials we’ve lived through and the bottomless well of emotions we all feel.”


Asya Wyler

Asya Layan Wyler

Rank: Civilian

Species: Human female

Homeworld: Atad

Age: 12

Height: 5’5″

Build: Average

Hair color: Light brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Green

Relatives: Daughter of Mark and Janet Wyler; an older brother, Les Wyler; an uncle, Trevvik Wyler

Skills: flying, taking holovids with her cam

Asya was very young when Janet retired from the New Republic Military and the family moved to her home planet Atad. Atad is a peaceful and isolationist planet, with never so much as a voice in the Galactic Senate. For as long as she could remember, she’d been bored with life and wondered if she should have been born in a different time, when adventure and danger at every turn was the rule. She idolized her father, who she had wrapped around her little finger, and would never say no when she wanted to go for a thrill ride in the Stormcrow. Her mother, for some reason, got the blame for the galaxy settling into such an unexciting state, and cringed every time she was told she ought be glad the war was over and the Empire dissolved. They often butted heads though neither of them fully understood why.

Her favorite hobby was taking holovids. She was so delighted with a gift of a cam for her birthday that she went all over the estate, taking holos of everything and everyone. The cam went with her to Xenen, a trip she was very excited about as, being too young to remember it when they left, she’d heard so much about the planet and Shay Memorial and the people they’d meet there. She videoed and interviewed until Les was quite annoyed with her. Her only regret was that she couldn’t get in a few hours more; she wanted to be able to remember it all, watching every bit of it once they got back to their boring life on Atad. Her fortunes changed when something jumped out of the stars just as they were about to hype for home, and it was time for battle stations, for real, for the first time ever. A real live war, and they were thrown right into the middle of it. It was too bad, that even with the skill of her father at the controls, they were forced to set the ship back down on Xenen, but at least they’d be there for awhile, with the ship damaged as it was, and she’d get a chance to get holos of the battle as it happened. She was proud to find that she did so well that folks at Intel were interested in the footage she took. But it was footage of a different kind that would spell out her doom. Being sent back to Atad with an important message of warning for her people, she and her uncle were unfortunate enough to happen across the Vong and were attacked. She’d left the cam running when they broke into the ship and speared her and dragged her body away. Her last act, confirmed by the holo that Janet forced herself to watch, was to successfully send on to her people the message that she would be incapable of presenting in person.


Les Wyler

Full name: Marcus Leslye Wyler IV (Les)

Rank: Civilian

Species: Human

Homeworld: Atad

Age: 15

Height: 5’8″

Build: Average

Hair color: Dark brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Hazel

Relatives: Son of Mark and Janet Wyler, one younger sister, Asya Wyler, and an uncle, Trevvik Wyler

Skills: Jedi Knight; enjoys building intricate ship models from scratch

Les was yet a toddler when his parents began to suspect that he was Force-sensitive. At times he would know when things were about to happen; sometimes he read their dreams. He didn’t understand that he was different – he thought everyone was like him. Mark and Janet’s suspicions were confirmed at a tragic point in their lives that could have turned out far worse than it did. The Raven was sabotaged and destroyed while Mark was en route back to Xenen. Les was with him, and as the ship began erupting in explosions, was sent to the escape pod while Mark tried to salvage his beloved ship. As more bombs went off and it was apparent the Raven was doomed, he made a run for the pod, but wasn’t able to make it in time. Without understanding how he did it, Les got Mark into the escape pod by just thinking about it real hard, but the trouble wasn’t over. Landing on a hostile planet, they were met by a greeting party unsympathetic to the badly wounded pilot. When they began taking their hatred out on his father, Les grew angry and attacked them in the same way that he’d saved his father – with his thoughts, making the ringleader think he was on fire. It was during this distraction that Trevvik came by in the Malady, took care of their assailants, and rescued the pair. Frightened by the power demonstrated by his son, Mark turned to Jinx Katarn for help. Realizing the child was indeed in tune with the Force and ought to begin his training as soon as possible, he offered to take him on as Padawan.

For years he went back and forth between Atad, where his parents had retired, and Xenen, where his Jinx was headquartered, to be trained by the Master. By age 15, he was deemed ready to face the trials and become a Jedi Knight. His family made the trip to Xenen to witness the ceremony, but something came up, and Jinx performed the ceremony hastily and was gone before they even arrived, leaving them all wondering why and where he’d gone. All too soon it was time to tell his friends goodbye and go back home, yet unknowing why his master had abandoned him. He was especially distraught with his absence upon receiving a vision about Asya that greatly disturbed him. After the Vong attacked Xenen, he thought he understood its meaning – send Asya away from Xenen, send her somewhere where she’ll be safe, and the vision wouldn’t come true. But it turned out the opposite was true, that he should’ve encouraged his parents not to do the logical thing, but to keep her with them, on Xenen. Then she’d probably still be alive today…he blamed himself for her death. Feeling betrayed by Jinx and toyed with by the Force, in failing his first test as a Jedi Knight, he wondered if he was perhaps too young, or unworthy of the title. Filled with anger with everything and everyone, especially himself, he returned to the castle in which he’d been trained, and in the seclusion of one of the sparring rooms, unleashed that anger, opening himself to the darkness swelling within him. Afterwards it scared him that he’d done that, and backed off from the Force altogether until he could pull himself together and figure out where he stood.


Trevvik Wyler

Rank: Civilian, pirate. Former Captain with the Aurora Force

Homeworld: Alderaan

Age: 50’s

Younger brother of Mark Wyler.

Trevvik was a rebel from an early age, his restless nature causing trouble in the family until he ran away with unsavory characters at the age of 15. During an ill-fated smuggling run, pirates attacked the spice traders he’d taken up with, and he ended up joining the pirates. He led a rough and tumultuous life for many years, until bounty hunters finally caught up with them and he and the surviving members of his band were thrown into Limbkatar, a prison hell where the worst of creatures were abandoned to rot. It was in this horrible place that, in addition to developing claustrophobia that would plague him for the rest of his days, he came to realize that he’d made a mess of his life and hoped to steal a second chance. Proving that no prison could hold him, he banded with other inmates and staged a successful escape. Once he’d reacquired his Firespray “Malady,” he searched out his brother, Mark Wyler, who he thought might guide him to better paths. Bitter over Trevvik’s past disregard for his family, among other things, he was reluctant to accept him back for a very long time. In the mean time, he threw in his lot with the AF, turning his loyalty to a “neurotic, rule obsessed, and unpleasant” commander in the AF, Alex Grentarii, dubbing him “Cap.” Eventually settled in with the AF and was given a commission.

Even after most of his friends and family had retired following the fall of the Empire, Trevvik remained in the New Republic Military, mainly to stay out of trouble, though trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went. He lost his mentor and best friend Alex when a Dark Jedi named Amanda Lance killed him, yet he pressed on, knowing not what else to do.

Shortly before the Vong’s initial attack, Alex resurfaced, back from the dead – and so did Amanda. Alex was much changed, as was Amanda – yet Trevvik still hated her, until Alex told him to let it go, that things were different now. In fact, Alex and Amanda were soon engaged. In spite of having his best friend back from the dead, he felt more alone than ever.

Bringing his nephew back to Xenen for his final training and trials before becoming a Jedi Knight, he remembered the companionship of family, which was, he felt, all he had left. Then Mark, Jan, and Asya returned to Xenen after a long absence, and he felt more at home than ever. In spite of the judgment he still saw in his brother’s eyes, he dreaded the day when they would all leave to go home, maybe for good. He gave a thought to retiring, himself. Then, out of the blue, the Vong entered the picture, turning lives everywhere upside down. They hit hard then faded back, the promise of more to come lingering in the air.

When it was decided that Asya should be sent home to deliver a message to their people of the impending danger (and put her up in a place of safety until it could be decided what as a family they would do), Trevvik offered to transport her in the Malady, as the Stormcrow sustained damage during the battle that essentially grounded her. Along the way they were sucked out of hyperspace as they happened upon a Vong force, the sudden stop throwing Trevvik off his feet. When he came to, Asya was on her own, trying to pilot a craft that was nearly disabled. He hid her away and fought with the hideous beings that dared enter his ship, killing one, but being bitten on the arm by one of their amphistaffs, faded from consciousness. When he came to, he was adrift, and very ill. With all the strength he could muster, he reached up and punched the panic button, which automatically sent him back to Xenen. In the end, he kept his life but lost his arm, and learned that Asya was gone. He didn’t know what was worse, his own grief and guilt, or the daggers shot at him through his own brother’s eyes. But grief and guilt he never hung on to for long – he’d learned to let go of such weighty things a long time ago. Yet he couldn’t bear his brother’s accusation. Like replacing the lost Raven with the Stormcrow, he wanted to find some way of making it up to him, but a life is a hard thing to replace. Alex stood between them and tried to bridge their differences, but the gulf had grown too wide. This hurt Trevvik so badly that when Mark began to come around, Trevvik rejected his pleas of reconciliation. Though this drove Mark deeper into despair, Trevvik turned his back, until he witnessed him one day try to bury the Stormcrow full speed into the drink. With his help he got him out of that situation, and there was good blood between them for the first time since either of them could remember. But it was too late to convince Alex, who had had it with the both of them, throwing up his hands and taking off for places unknown.

Taken by the urge to seek revenge for both Asya and the loss of his arm, Trevvik joined forces, at the invitation of some of his old cronies, with a newly formed band of former pirates and roughians, likeminded in their purpose of hunting the Vong. Turning in his resignation to Janet Wyler, he bid her and his brother a fond farewell, and left to undertake his new occupation.


Janet Skyy, around the beginning of the Vong War. Art by Josh Parker.

Rank: General

Homeworld: Atad

Age: 50

Wife of Mark Wyler; mother of Les Wyler and Asya Wyler.

Janet was only an infant when her mother was taken by a plague that decimated the population of her home planet – a plague that mysteriously coincided with an Imperial takeover of the world shortly thereafter. Thus she was raised solely by her father in a solitary existence, until running away as a teen to join the local Imperial force in hopes of ‘seeing the galaxy.’ Exhibiting an exceptional natural talent for marksmanship and possessing a steadiness in both head and hand, she ended up training as a sniper for the Imperial Special Forces. It was when she was ordered to eliminate a native government official of her homeworld, someone she knew to be a good man and effective leader of her people, that she began to reevaluate her father’s reservations about the Imperial presence on their world and question her own loyalties. When she refused and deserted, her father was arrested. He was executed before she could effect his rescue. From then on it was her quest to make the Empire pay at every available opportunity. This led her to defect to the Rebel cause, where she eventually came to lead the Katarn Commandos in the RSCD.

Janet served for several years as commander of Eclipse Wing in the Aurora Force following her stint with the Katarn Commandos. It was during those years that she fell in love with Mark Wyler, her pilot from way back in the early days of the Katarns. They married and had two children, a son and daughter, Les and Asya.

After the New Republic’s victory against the Empire, the Wylers retired to the peace of her home planet Atad. They did little traveling in the years leading up to the Vong war, save for Les, who was shuttled back and forth by Mark’s brother Trevvik Wyler, to Xenen for his Jedi training with Jinx Katarn. The family was on a rare outing to Xenen to attend Les’ knighting ceremony when the Vong initiated their attack on the galaxy. Again swept into a war, Janet was anxious to get back into uniform and face headon this new threat to the peace and security that had been so hard won. But Mark was reluctant, regretting the passing of their lives of quiet and serenity, and feeling that his better days had passed. So Janet waited, allowing Mark the time to come to the realization that there really was no other choice. In the mean time, it was decided that Asya should go back home bearing a message for the reclusive Atadians of the new danger facing the galaxy, admonishing them to prepare for the worst. Trevvik took the task of her transport upon himself, but there was trouble along the way. He returned alone, badly wounded, his ship barely holding together. Asya’s cam was recovered, revealing the awful truth: they’d been attacked by the Vong, Asya killed and carried away. Devastated, Mark tossed all his reservations and not only agreed to Janet’s reenlistment, but accepted a commission for himself as well.


Mark Wyler

Mark Wyler, with his famous pipe.

Rank: Civilian

Homeworld: Alderaan

Age: 60

Husband of Janet Skyy; father of Les Wyler and Asya Wyler; brother of Trevvik Wyler.

Pilot of the YT-2400 Raven, Mark is a brilliant engineer and inventor that would have taken him far if he hadn’t been so shy and, at times, absent-minded. He was on Coruscant on business when Alderaan was visited by the Empire. Falling into despair upon losing his wife and young daughter as well as homeworld, life carried on. He found himself doing little things here and there to help the Rebellion along, in memory of the world and the people he’d lost. This led to his capture along with a group of engineers caught in the act of sabotage. A rescue team sent for them was his first brush with the Katarn Commandos, led by Janet Skyy. Losing their boarding vessel in the process, Mark obliged them in their departure with the Raven. Impressed by his piloting skills, and being short a ship and pilot, they offered him the spot. Mark, surreptitiously impressed by the Katarn Leader, accepted.

His infatuation for the commando he kept to himself, seeing that another and more worthy suitor had his eye on her, a Jedi Knight named Jinx Katarn. But even after Jinx removed himself from the picture to pursue some special Jedi mission, fearing rejection, he maintained a mere friendship with Janet. This continued as they moved on to the Aurora Force, carrying on as always – flying missions, and being there for her always, whenever she needed a friend. But this all changed after the Ketaris mission, when she became deathly ill, and he felt he might lose her without revealing to her how much he loved her. This he did at last, and to both his surprise and hers, found she felt the same for him. They were married soon afterwards, and their joy was complete with the birth of their two children, Les and Asya.

Mark Wyler

Asya was still young when the war between the Empire and the Rebellion came to an end, bringing them to a new chapter of their lives, happily moving on to the serenity of Janet’s home planet Atad. These years were the happiest of his life, the life he’d always dreamed of. He spent his days enjoying his family, sketching out plans for his inventions in his study, working with Les in the workshop, taking Asya for joyrides in the Stormcrow, and spending long, lazy hours just sitting around with his wife and admiring all the wonderful days Atad seemed to have a monopoly on.

All this was shattered when they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. They’d just wrapped up a rare appearance on Xenen, where they’d taken time off of their retirement to attend Les’ knighting ceremony (which they’d missed as Jinx performed it in a hurry and left before they even got there), when strange stone ships showed up and started blasting at everything with molten fireballs. In spite of Trevvik’s pleas for him to keep going and hype back home, Mark turned the Stormcrow around and joined the battle. It turned out to be a hit and fade, and left among the smoke and rubble and burned-out ships, was the dilemma of what they ought to do now. Mark was devastated as he realized that their lives were about to take a turn away from the peaceful lives they’d built for themselves, that the peace that had been so highly paid for had been done away with by these invaders from outside the galaxy. It was very hard for him to let go.

While wavering in indecision, it was agreed upon that Asya should return to Atad with a message to be prepared should the Vong venture their way. They would be warned, and Asya would be out of harm’s way, at least for the time being. Employing his brother Trevvik and the Malady to the task, as the Stormcrow had suffered too much damage to make the trip, they sent her on her way. But she didn’t make it. Attacked by the Vong along the way, a holo taken by Asya herself detailed her horrible end. Yet Trevvik survived. Devastated and furious, Mark immediately accepted a commission for himself and for his wife. Unable to bring himself to forgive his brother for what happened, and bringing up again the destruction of the Raven and other past offenses, Janet and Alex Grentarii tried to intervene, tried to get them to stop fighting. It wasn’t until, crushed beneath the weight of grief and despair, Mark found himself aiming the Stormcrow at a Xenen ocean at full throttle, that he came to himself. With Trevvik’s aid he was able to right the ship in the nick of time, and the two of them called that even and put the past behind them.